How functioning are you

How functioning are you, and why are you functioning at the level that you are now?


I’m considered high functioning over here because I can present and talk a good game. Trouble is I can’t work for a living because I’m on meds and I get paranoid so I volunteer and try to do the best I can.

I’m not a fan of high/low functioning for schizophrenia. Your stuffed either way and yes. There’s some here and there who do wonderful things but for most of us it’s a struggle just to compete with the normals.

I do well. I volunteer and do a good job but it’s not many hours and I have some outlets. Still. I contribute here and other places on the web and have a great benefit of family and friends…

So not the worst. Not the greatest and I am on a disability pension.


I’m at the top end.

I am a stubborn muthaf#$%&r.


i don’t like the idea that sZ and sZa people are “high/low functioning”. what we experience is episodic. some people may be perfectly functioning, holding a good conversation, working, staying out of trouble, keeping healthy habits, but then go into an episode, and all of that comes crashing down. i know, ultimately, it differs from person to person, but at the end of the day, like rogueone says, we’re all still struggling


I am struggling. Social isolation. Some delusions persist and voices affect me from wanting to leave the house and see people living normal lives. Not sure on the level. I know things are bad cause of my bloodwork - voices/delusions are back - haven’t slept since the bloodwork. This is nite 2. Fear is keeping me up. I don’t know what is functioning / non functioning is. Like what does progress look like for me. I feel lockdown no stressors and I do much better.


I’d say I’m defiantly high functioning. Years ago I had very bad negative symptoms and wasn’t doing anything.

What got me here was a good medication combination. Also willpower. I made myself get up and do things and over time it became easier.


I was not like this before the condition struck,
I was a lost soul.
I had no direction or idea what I am suppose to do.
But, when I decided I got to do something about my life,
when all my known friends reached good positions,
the condition struck, and I still struggle.

I feel I am currently better than before, other than social skills and some drawbacks(such as being unemployed).

Some time I feel I am in a delusion of doing my studies alone to avoid work.
I tried applying for jobs,
I am happy at least one company came back to me saying I am not selected.


I’m sliding downhill fast. Can no longer make conversation as there are no thoughts in my head anymore. Hopefully I will eventually have thoughts in my head again.


I hope you get better soon.


Currently low, but I swing between bouts of high and low depending on my medication cycle.

Conventional AP’s have worked on me for a while, but I always have to quit them due to efficacy issues or side effects

I hope to get back to high functioning after my break from working - in what ever form that may take, I am unsure right now


I love sitting at home alone and dwell in my delusions how intelligent and high functioning I am. It’s just a little of a let down checking my bankaccount, but I am grateful for things I have.


My care team think I’m low but I know I’m high functioning. I live in a staffed group home but am able to travel aboard on my own. Go figure?

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I think I’m high functioning because of zoloft… like my moods are leveled and not all over the place


I’m having a hard time even replying to this post, but I’m trying hard sometimes, but most of the time I can’t

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@Joker , Did you working as a landscaper. Very good job.

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Thanks. I enjoyed it but the quoting and working till 11pm each night took it out of me. Became too stressful

The actual landscaping itself was relatively straight forward…

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Hard to just say high or low functioning. I have definite strengths and weaknesses. I’ve never had a proper job, don’t drive,struggle socially, have poor practical skills. I get quite a lot of support because of the poor practical skills.
On the other hand I’m listed on the World genius directory in about 98= place.

Although I’ve never worked I’ve spent over 2 decades posting articles that I hope will help people,or they’ll find interesting. I do that mainly via my RSS feeds.

Am I functioning as well as an age and intelligence matched person from the general population? The answer is ‘NO’. I have though stayed out of psych hospital for nearly 39 years… At my worst I was a candidate for a group home at best, and a long stay ward at worst.


I would consider myself medium functioning. I live with my dad half of the week and alone the other half. I volunteer. I study languages. I’m applying for jobs. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Whether or not I’ll be able to work part-time and live fully independently remains to be seen.


By society standards 90 % over the rest of the population. (dont want to get a job)

Solely by psysical and psychological standard 99 %

From my mother point of view probably 60 % (dont want to get a job)

Partly due to meds, genetics and my own character


My psychiatrist feels that I am high functioning.
But honestly I feel that I am somewhere in the middle because of my high anxiety levels.

Anxiety and chronic fear keeps me from fully functioning in society.