Which meds could help me with auditory people voices?

I’m tired of hearing people giving me secret messages and talking about my thoughts.
I’m looking to take something along with invega 234mg cause I don’t want complete med switch.
Meds that I’ve been on before are: risperdal, seroquel, olanzapine and latuda.
I’m avoiding clozaril because of bladder issues


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I had bed wetting problem on clozaril too. But my pdoc reduced the dose and now bladder issues r gone. Where do u live ? Do you have access to amisulpride(solian), its 2nd best antipsychotic after clozaril and causes no weight gain but comes with price(high prolactin levels). From most effective to least effective meds r clozapine, amisulpride, olanzapine, risperidone, paliperidone. [1] These r the best meds we have now.

I think you have tried most of the effective meds. You may try others but they are not strong in efficacy.

Some pdocs add valproic acid or lamictal to antipsychotics when patients still have problems

[1] http://www.kcl.ac.uk/ioppn/news/events/2013/september/Leucht-2013-15-antipsychotics-meta-analyses.pdf

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Do you know if amisulpride raises more prolactin than invega?
My invega prolacting level was 24 over 20 after 4 months of use.
Depakote didn’t really make any difference with voices

Yes it increases alot. After 1 week on amisulpride my prolactin shot up from 9ng/ml to 53 ng/ml. I stopped it. But your mileage may vary on amisulpride. Your prolactin is 24 ng/ml, right ? Thats really low and you might be doing good in terms of side effects

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Side effects are good with invega. Just had low energy and mood, but started prozac and it started helping

Clozapine is a great med for positive symptoms. :cow2::cow2::cow2:

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Didn’t try amisulpride. But olanzapine did
nothing for me. Risperidone finally worked. Is this order accurate?

order is accurate according to study. But some people have different experience with meds. Your mileage may vary.

I think I put it wrong - its from most effective to least effective - clozapine, amisulpride, olanzapine, risperidone, paliperidone.


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I thought you meant on positive symptoms. Did you mean side effects?

Not side effects, i mean for sz. Most effective is clozapine out of those 5 meds, and least is paliperidone

How many people were trialed for that study? I haven’t tried clozapine but risperidone has been my saviour

Its a meta analysis of 15 antipsychotics. You should read it [1]

Findings We identified 212 suitable trials, with data for 43 049 participants. All drugs were significantly more effective than placebo. The standardised mean differences with 95% credible intervals were: clozapine 0·88, 0·73–1·03; amisulpride 0·66, 0·53–0·78; olanzapine 0·59, 0·53–0·65; risperidone 0·56, 0·50–0·63; paliperidone 0·50, 0·39–0·60; zotepine 0·49, 0·31–0·66; haloperidol 0·45, 0·39–0·51; quetiapine 0·44, 0·35–0·52; aripiprazole 0·43, 0·34–0·52; sertindole 0·39, 0·26–0·52; ziprasidone 0·39, 0·30–0·49; chlorpromazine 0·38, 0·23–0·54; asenapine 0·38, 0·25–0·51; lurasidone 0·33, 0·21–0·45; and iloperidone 0·33, 0·22–0·43. Odds ratios compared with placebo for all-cause discontinuation ranged from 0·43 for the best drug (amisulpride) to 0·80 for the worst drug (haloperidol); for extrapyramidal side-effects 0·30 (clozapine) to 4·76 (haloperidol); and for sedation 1·42 (amisulpride) to 8·82(clozapine). Standardised mean diff erences compared with placebo for weight gain varied from –0·09 for the best drug (haloperidol) to –0·74 for the worst drug (olanzapine), for prolactin increase 0·22 (aripiprazole) to –1·30 (paliperidone), and for QTc prolongation 0·10 (lurasidone) to –0·90 (sertindole). Efficacy outcomes did not change substantially after removal of placebo or haloperidol groups, or when dose, percentage of withdrawals, extent of blinding, pharmaceutical industry sponsorship, study duration, chronicity, and year of publication were accounted for in meta-regressions and sensitivity analyses

[1] https://www.kcl.ac.uk/ioppn/news/events/2013/september/Leucht-2013-15-antipsychotics-meta-analyses.pdf

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Has this been updated?