Which is the most important factor for recovery?

Hi guys! I’m finding it difficult to build a good recovery plan. I wonder what is the most important thing to focus on besides medication. What do you think is the most important aspect of recovery?

  • Talk therapy
  • Socialization (friends and family)
  • Occupation (studies or job)
  • Diet
  • Physical exercises
  • Sleep
  • Financial management

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Do you think I can focus on many things at once or should I focus just on one thing?

I already do physical exercises 2 or 3 times a week and I have good sleep, but my diet is poor, I’m not doing talk therapy, I don’t have an occupation yet, my financial management is 0 and my socialization is moderate.

I didn’t find the answer I’d give on this thread

I’d say doing what you love and staying inspired

I healed the whole world thru my comedic plays!

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Willpower, the inner drive to seek help, the desire to better yourself and mental health.

Without this, everything else crumbles and fails, but that’s my opinion.


I think the most important factor is persistence.


Hm, maybe the Occupation is the right answer.

alright, I’ve put that I’m a writer on LinkedIn, so yeah.

Sure doesn’t feel like a job though.

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How to develop willpower?

I’m not cool enough to know how to do a poll,

and I’ve been on here a long time. Don’t bother trying to teach me,

I probably still won’t get it. air head.

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Mind came like a click inside of me, somehow along the road I realized I wanted to be better than the self medicated delusional mess that I was.

We don’t deserve to suffer


yeah, you reinvented yourself. I’ve done that many times in my life. way to go.

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I think support is the most important. The most successful people in illness always have strong supports be it family, friends, or a good mental health team. This forum is another good support tool.


Oh, it’s okay, Daze.

I find interesting your perspective, but wouldn’t it influence someone to just wait for the right moment to recover instead of doing something right now?

Oh I would full well prefer someone to get help as soon as possible, even if it without the click. Maybe they can find it along the way. At least I hope they do.

In my case, I knew what I was, addict madman. But I also didn’t care, I didn’t care to live or die, nor did I care about the destruction I caused. For me personally, my recovery didn’t truly start until I had that fire inside of me, that click

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I wish Phil was more supportive, he says I just say crazy stupid stuff all the time, and he doesn’t want hear it, plus all the noises I make,

and gets on me if I don’t keep up the house.

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You need to kick him to the curb. You deserve better. My ex acted like that and that’s why he is my EX.


yeah, I hear ya. I knew I’d get a lecture today too,

but he also knew I needed to get to Vera French, he could have said, Let’s go.


I would say none of those, having an environment that allows for and supports recovery is most important. I say that after having had my rotation working at a state hospital, many of the people who have lived there long term just have sh*tty awful lives outside of the hospital. Histories full of abuse, no loving family to go home to, no friends or friends who are into drugs and keep them on illicit drugs, abusive partners or partners who are drugged out, no homes or live in areas full of crime, no real access to therapy, can’t afford medication or can’t figure out how to get access to free medication, etc.

They have almost NO chance of recovery when thrown back into such an environment after leaving the hospital. That’s how they end up in the hospital indefinitely.


I can only speak for myself but sometimes I have to pick and choose which people, therapists or doctors or friends, and which services, like day treatment, are worth my time. The rest is up to me. For me, it’s all about having a balanced lifestyle where I can stay busy and talk to friends and exercise and do something mentally stimulating like read or watch something every day. Sometimes just doing something fun like go out or talk will help with recovery. I think I recovered well by just taking time off and hiking and getting bubble tea. Then when I felt stronger, I seeked out other things like work.

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Talking is so important and not just to avoid isolation. Speaking with others forces you to think quickly and that is good for a mind that has it’s struggles.

And take the meds. Never underestimate the appropriate medical intervention.


Good habits and structure along with a positive attitude to take action will go a long ways

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