Which is the happy ending?Is there ever a stop?

Do I do well on meds forever and just keep on taking until I die or is there a chance where if I do well on meds and I can stop it for long term and not relapse?i am confused,because now my meds is changing fast to help with my mild depression,I don’t know when will I get the correct medication again,I am uncertain

I know a few people who were on them a long time and stopped, successfully.
I really never got a start on them…longest I was on any AP was a week I think.
My metabolism of medicine is strange, seems my body will react different day to day, sometimes no effect at all. I can be hyper on morphine. I’ve taken tranquilizers a little and sometimes would relax and get tired, other times on the same med get hyper and unable to sleep.
I am much more balanced without them, and that’s any kind of medication that is made in a lab.

The thing with schizophrenia is that it requires strict adherence to medications. I never skip my antipsychotic. There is no such thing as a good reason to do so. We will be on meds most likely until we are in retirement.

i never skipped a dose of my meds purposely and been religiously taking meds for 5 years,so i am meds compliance but it really sucks when i was doing well 2 months ago and now i need to try out need combination of meds to get well again,sorry if i sound rude but i am really fustrated at this

You need to see your psychiatrist in person. They can fix this. I wish I could.

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I also have ups and downs. I had to increase my Abilify i February because I was becoming psychotic again. I was doing so well and then just crash. I’ve noticed changes in my sleeping habits when I get worse. I stop sleeping or sleep two hours at a time frequently waking up and always tired. That’s where I am at now. Maybe I need to check with my pdoc again.

Good luck,we should see a pdoc soon,I feel I needed to be stable on the same combo,dosage of meds for at least a few years before I stop trying to change my medication

The 5 years in hell still haunt me,really afraid I would get back to that state,(touch wood)

I also feel haunted about my past years of severe illness. it isn’t anything I feel guilty about because I didn’t hurt nobody. still, it was all in all about 30 years, hate to scare you, of hell and just remembering all that is disturbing.

so, I understand you here. judy