I want to stop my medication

I want to stop my medication with the supervision of my pdoc of course but can I? I really need to know if I need to have them in my life… even if I relapse and become psychotic again it will be worth it to me because now I know I actually need to take them for life probably but if I could last a year or even two without them I think it would be worth it…

If I ever do end up quitting my meds and do not relapse for a year and eventually relapse and need to take them again could I take them for a certain period of time and stop them again?

oh and for those who know my pdoc made a mistake last time and will not be lowering my dose to abilify 5mg he will keep it at 10mg…

I don’t understand that at all. I hated being ill and some really bad things happened when I went psychotic. I don’t ever want it to happen again.

If you do try , make sure you’ve got all sorts of back up plans /coping strategies in place or you could be in for a rude awakening. Make sure you have a solid foundation of rational beliefs in place.

Studies suggest decrease in brain matter with continued unmedicated schizophrenia and/or with each relapse.

Like what was already said you have to have a rational belief system in place.

I dont take meds ive only tried 3 seperate times with bad results.

And I hear voices almost constantly but after 20 yrs ive learned to ignore them.

I have a delusion that I struggle with almost daily even though I know its not real.

I think the reason why is sz changes the chemical balance in the brain so there are results like adrenaline.

The chemistry of my brain changes then the delusion starts and due to the chemical change the delusion feels real.

I guess the meds change a persons brain chemistry so they are numb to the chemical that causes delusion.

I think you should only stop meds if you can deal with that mental stress.

Take your meds, I just took mine and I’m doing fine. I was not doing so well before I got on meds.

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Do you mind if I ask why you want to stop taking them? Are there negative side effects, or do they impede your life in any way? a few months ago I was convinced by friends to stop taking my “unhealthy” medication and focus instead on meditation, diet, and exercise. The results were awful, and I wish I had never let anyone talk me into the trial in the first place. My meds keep me happy, and the only downside is I sleep a little more than I used to.

I don’t follow your logic. It’s like saying I want to stop wearing seatbelts and drive without insurance to see if you need them. If I get into an accident and get hurt, well at least I’ll know they were needed.

Now if you said seatbelts are uncomfortable or insurance is expensive, you’d still be taking a gamble, but at least it would be for a (however dubious) reason.

Stay with your meds it’s cheap insurance. If you have a good reason to lower or change them with help of a doctor that’s one thing, but it make no sense to stop meds alltogether just so you can prove something to yourself.


These are things best discussed with your pdoc. He knows your history better.

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i made a post to someone who went off meds before and may be useful for you

I stopped my medicine a number of times until I was sure I needed them, I’m glad I know that. But I think some brain deterioration occurred in the process.