Which Antipsychotics don't cause brain fog?

I’m currently on a low dose Seroquel experiencing brain fog for the past two months.

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I was a total zombie on Seroquel.

Stole my sentience after about three months.

I spent a year recovering from it.

That said, it works super well for other people.

APs are an exchange.

You have to decide if the side effects are worth the symptom control.


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What is your diagnosis if you don’t mind me asking?

I have not been diagnose yet, only experience one episode of psychosis so far.

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Is this the first medication you’ve taken for this?

It’s been my experience, and I’ve taken lots of APs,

Abilify is best for side effects.

But it’s still got some.

no, I’ve taken few

You just have to work with your psychiatrist to find the best medication for you.

What kind of symptoms do you have?

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I have no positive symptoms while on medication.

Thanks 15151515

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Are you a new member or have you been here before?

Most new members don’t understand the character minimum and the “151515” thing.

You figured it out quick.

Geodon was good for me at a job with a high cognitive load.

I have seen forum site a few days ago

Thanks for the subjections

Stick around @ozymandias will definitely subject you to even more than that

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welcome to the forum…you are in the right place for support. especially so early in your diagnosis.

Thanks so much 151515

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do you experience much brain fog on abilify? if you mind me asking.

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I did not experience too much brain fog on Abilify.

But it did cause hair loss.

Pretty devastating.

thanks, sorry about you’re hair

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