Which Antipsychotics don't cause brain fog?

I’m also sorry about my hair.

Fortunately it’s growing back a little,

I think.

At the expense of $100 a month vitamins.

Not cool, Abilify.

Not cool.

I good portion of my hair is white at the age of 23.


I started getting greys after I had my baby.

Probably around 28.

It’s getting aggressively grey now in my late 30s.

It’s a good look,

Don’t let it bother you.

Rexulti has been the best one for me. Ive been on it for 4 to 5 years. It doesnt cause brain fog for me at all.

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thanks, I’ll ask my psychiatrist about it.

I don’t let get to me, it’s just girls keep thinking I’m sugar daddy age.

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i am on lurasidone (latuda) . i dont experience any brain fog with it. it have procognitive effect on me ( improve cognition) also i dont have any side effect from it except weight gain which is common among all antipsychotics. i recommend it for you but of course consult your psychiatry doctor first before taking any drug.

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All of them. They’re not necessarily cognitive enhancers. Some are better then others you need to find which one is good for you, that’s individual. Seroquel I would dislike it’s very sedating.

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I had brain fog on Abilify. With Caplyta I don’t have much.

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I didn’t have too much brain fog on geodon was on max dose too. Now titrating off of it while on 15mg of abilify. No real brain fog. My fogginess is due to sleep apnea and not proper sleep.

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