Which among the antipsychotics u used is best for negative symptoms

guys i have schizo.im ok now.but theres a great deal of apathy n amotivation.im on risperidone.so which all meds you used to cope up with apathy ,amotivation and avolition

I don’t know abut meds but the supplement sarcosine seems to be working for me for
Flat affect , and lack of motivation and avolition.

how long does it take to show results

You should notice it after a couple weeks

None of antipsychotics work for negative symptoms

The only antipsychotics that work even a little bit for some people on negative symptoms are Abilify and Latuda. At least that has been my experience.

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Typical antipsychotics (or first generation) didn’t really work for negative symptoms at all. Atypicals (or second generation) are supposed to work a fair bit for negative symptoms. Geodon that I was put on first didn’t seem to do crap for me. Abilify worked decently where I managed to sing in songs I wrote a couple of times with actual emotion in my voice and Latuda I have no idea at this time.

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