Wheres my Shashimi lol

Wheres my shashimi lol…

I ordered it like a hr ago …



Ohhh that was your shashimi?? I ate it sorry :sweat:

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Shash ashash shashash

Isn’t it sashimi? :smiley:

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What is shasimi

It’s a type of sushi :sushi:. Shushushushi.

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Ahhhh I don’t eat sushi :flushed:

Do you have a recipe for miso soup?

Miso sorry, I do not! :blush:

Wait, isn’t it just miso and salt in water, with Tofu cubes and seaweed pieces?

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Yes, but I read not to blend it in the water to preserve the probiotics st a certain temp. Plus you can add carrots, onions or mushrooms.

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So my miso is only so so? Those sound good, did not know that.

Do you use the miso paste?

How much do you use to water?

Hmm. It’s been too long. But yes I would use the paste.

Never mind…

sharings caring :slight_smile:

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its raw fish 3815823

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My sashimi came after all 1.5hrs later…

The fish must of melted by then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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