Where is home for you?

I mean where you raised?.. Where do you feel the most comfortable?

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grew up in paris, france and in brussels and england…most comfortable on planet sith. :earth_asia:
take care :alien:


England?.. Any good fishing?

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Raised in the United States but Poland is home to me.
:heart: Poland :heart:


HEY! you gotta represent.

i’m a vegetarian…so i don’t fish…
but i remember when i was a kid watching mackeral :fish: being fished off this stoney beach, the wind was blowing…there was a chill in the air…it was beautiful.
take care :alien:

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Been in melbourne australia my whole life


You are a grass graizing root chewer?

How’s that working out for you?

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My dad was in the army. I have no real home. I was born in one town and moved six months later. Actually, he was not in the army at that time. He was in graduate school. I live now in the town my mother was born and raised. My ancestors settled here and started a town, a college, and several churches. When my body gets too tired of “living”, I will be “buried” here in a family plot in a city cemetery near my grandparents, great grandparents, and other family. My beloved sister is “buried” there. I will be next to her. My mother will be “buried” next to my father in a military cemetery in a nearby town. I say “buried” Our family now chooses cremation for that transformational time.

From 1st-3rd grade I lived in Los Angeles. Then we moved up north to Santa Clara Valley. I grew up in a nice town until I got sick at age 19. After that I’ve lived in 7 different towns. This is a great area to live in, we have everything here.

Yeah you do nick.

For me it’s Alaska.

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Seriously… Come on.

I wish I grew up in southern California.

So many great dirt bike racers and bmx racers came from there.

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Michigan and Florida, USA

Born and raised in Michigan still in the same neighborhood I was born and raised in.

Got a winter getaway with my parents in Florida to escape the winter and finally live some where else.

Home is where you make it.

Home is where you make.


Bahhhh. Hybrid blend

I guess the guy likes to see homos naked.

Loool :point_up: :smile:

my home is where the love is. :heart:
im homeless yet.
and pathetic

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I grew up in Virginia, just outside of Washington DC. Lived there for 20 years before moving around a bit.

Does Croatia not have placement for the homeless?

I meant metaphorically.

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