Where is best country to treat schizophria?

Where is best country to treat schizophrenia ??

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I’m getting pretty good care in the UK. I should imagine Sweden, Norway and Iceland and places like that are really good. They are really forward thinking in social care.


I’m getting very good treatment here in Denmark. The care workers seem competent, the doctors seem to know what they’re doing, and the system has been very patient with me.
Plus, healthcare is free here, and psych meds are free for the first two years after a diagnosis.

I used to live in Norway, but I lived in a lowly populated area, so the treatment options were pretty much non-existant, and I had to drive for almost 3 hours to get to a pdoc.


Schizophrenia is everywhere. I believe that most countries have some form of anti psychotics that help mostly for the positive symptoms.

I live in South Africa and some of the newer meds like Rexulti is not yet available here. I am on Abilify at the moment.

I’d say that the US and UK are the best countries to get up to date treatment for sz.

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Since medication is same each and every country are the same to treat sz… i would vote america cuz 90% of medicine are available in merica… take care guys …


Well, I get okay care here in the US, but even with Medicare and an advantage healthcare plan I still can’t afford to be on the meds that I think would work the best for me with the fewest side effects. Unless you’re well off and happen to live in a city with good services, the US kind of sucks. I mean, hypothetically it should be great. We have a lot of approved meds here. But access is limited and unaffordable to many.


I’m from the U.K, I have had excellent ongoing care. I have a care package of 21 hours support a week. I’m on Invega Sustenna injection which I hear is really expensive in the states, here it’s free for as long as you need it. When I’m becoming unwell I see my pdoc quickly. My social security benefits are plenty to live off and they aren’t hard to claim because I have a serious Dx. I get free housing plus free bus travel too. I have a very comfortable life.


I’m in the USA. Treatment options are available… but extremely expensive. Latuda works well for me, but it’s $300/month after insurance… ridiculous.

I would say 'Murica.

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Norway, USA, Australia, Sweden, and UK? I don’t know…

How much is Invega 100mg on Medicare or insurance in the states? How does insurance work? Do they pay a certain amount and you pay the rest?

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