Calling all uk schizophrenics

Hello , i know this is a an american based platform , but is thier anyone on hear , from the uk. Care to share thier experiance, medications and general life with me. Its hard with this disease to be open and honest with others who do not have this condition , so lets use this platform to support each other.


I’m from England. Currently on palepredone 150mg injection. I live in supported living. I get amazing support from my care team. Had the same community nurse 7 years. I’m in the intellectual disability team and they are holistic, so I will get support of them indefinitely unlike MH who like to discharge people to their GP. I’m happy. Meds are working, no affective symptoms.

:england: greetings fellow englandian :uk:

U S A :us:

… I mean “god save the queen, we mean it man”


Yeah im from the uk, i have a care coordinator and take the medication aripiprazole injection. I live in a council house and am on benefits.

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I’ve been to Eldon Square so I’m only half brittish :grin:

Nice ! Glad your well supported .

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Most of my DNA is traceable to England.


West country/care coordinator/ 3 monthly Invega/ small,housing association, lounge-kitchen -diner in block of flats for the over 55s./ Now a pensioner./ Previously on UC.

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