Where have the warriors gone, Sheri

I mean, truth, and righteousness.

the Real Americans.

huh? nobody has backbone, or nerve anymore.


Americans? yeah you got to be american :sweat_smile:

my backbone was surgecally removed

I don’t appreciate your comment. ok?


well if I can just say, It’s about time you stepped up!! haha.

I like the Canadians better,

torn as much as the U.S. but yeah I went after the appointed human rights director to Geneva. thought good thoughts, momentarily. ha.

who would win if there was a third world war?

it might come to that, friend, Kim says so.

It may be the designed end of U.S.A. but not preductal.

i’m not sure who takes who sides but id say it could be a quiet underground war using viruses and genetics

innocent people wont stand a chance

its a numbers game

yeah you can make that argument that test subjects are rare,

but you just said, WW3. definitely.

different kind of war with no bombs just deadly viruses but still the same shitty people behind it all

thanks. good night.

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