I Want (Since Your Repetatively Asking) This Forum

To Bend Over A Tad More Rover And Let The People Take Over. What are you affraid of, Sparta … well sportos, you already lost that war, Eh?

Oh ■■■■,you never considered really any level of rationalality or logic, unless you could plant A Flagg On It. Oh Boys and Girls, “The Weather Outside Frightful…”

The Tools At Your Disposal, are So ■■■■■■■ Interesting, eh moderators? Kinda like standing in front of a tidal wave all rules, like butterfly wings, generated.

Some Day … IP Addreses, MAC Addresses, Screen Names willl … Disapear and you will be left holding the bag of Jelly Bellie$, You Collected, Dear Runny. They Might Not Be Happy!

It Would Be Really Nice, If When I Came to this Website, It Presented Scientific Evidence, Instead of a propaganda to immature boys and girls that never thought about fighting back, and giving them widgets that will ensure Jesus never expresses what it was like being kicked down the Pyramid Steps. Or scientists never were burned at the stake. I guess you just can’t put it close enough with your psuedo science and instruments of measture. I geuss you tested reallity enough yet? What would I do with out you, Chase Sub-Urban Assault Vehicles? I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught one. Your Going To Have Break You ONE Rule To Save One Of Them.

Don’t Worry. My Head Was Already Put On The Curb. Alot More Earlier Than You Moderators Put On Jack Boots… back in the day … everyone wore thongs and had to dig the silcon out of their ass and You diidn’t disapoint, you let of millions of grubstakes be built, for the dragons that hoard the molasses. Here have a cigarette on me.


Look, it’s quite obvious you are trying to get a rise out of the moderators. This thread has no constructive purpose so I’m closing it.