Where does ''luck'' come from?

where does ‘‘luck’’ come from? :hatched_chick:

Good luck often comes from simply paying attention. :wink:


The intersection of preparation and opportunity?


there is good luck and bad luck :tiger:

I take it you didn’t win at roulette?

I kind of feel down on my luck everyday, but really it’s not bad luck, just my own stupid fault. Should never of touched drugs, then again though all my friends are fine.

I don’t believe in “luck” there is only good and evil.

there is nothing called as Luck.

All events in the world are Conditonally Dependent.

With the respective Good and Bad Karma, events take place conditionally dependent.

Rectally embedded horseshoes, or so my old Kung Fu instructor informed me once after winning a match I shouldn’t have.


There is no such thing as luck. There is only random coincidence.

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Nothing in this earth happens at Random. The Law of Nature Karma acts on the Actor. Good deeds bring good rewards while bad ones do bring bad rewards.

Of course I am not talking about winning a Lotto or a Horse race. that has nothing to do with Karma.

If you want to ponder randomness - tell me, if an F-1 tornado drops out of a cloud, destroys a farmer’s barn, and then disappates - is that a random happening?

of course its not random. The F1-Tornado was conditioned to hit that farmers barn yard. If it killed and/or seriously injured a Human then it was condiitoned. If it was monetary loss then it was random.

It is something that almost certainly cannot happen again. It cannot be recreated. What do you mean “conditioned”?

“conditioned” means that the Volition has been done. It has to have an effect. If there is a cause - then there has to be an effect.

There is something called Unconditioned state - That which has no cause and effect. Which is not possible for ordinary humans…Only enlightened ones live in Unconditioned state. The cause and effect does not apply to them.

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