Good luck and bad luck through my life

I think the world and human society are in a balance situation. If you benefit from good luck now, also, there will be bad luck waiting for you. If you suffer from bad luck now, believe that good luck is in the near future.

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Yes, probably there is a balance

walter i look at it your way all through my teens and found as i got older it too changed bad luck was powering and good saved . then after my 50’s it changed again now its if luck is found there is a story after it. maybe just the word holds some type of karma. lucky

Hi, Zen

I think that my thread is a type of ancent Chinese philosophy. It could make us have positive views through our whole lifes.

When you meet some good luck, not be over excited; when you meet some bad luck, not be so down or lose your confidence. Just look at success or failure as usual.

That is my points of view.

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You may take it as reference.

I, myself do not believe in good luck or bad luck but rather statistical probability of an event to occur which is dependent on a certain outcome. Sure, some good or bad event may happen but the percentage or odds that either that good or bad event will occur is based on certain requirements or environmental data to make a certain pertcentage an actual number. Even though my avatar is the yin & yang (阴阳), this philosophical concept still applies to me to this day. For example, the left hand and the right hand where 90% of people around the world will write with a pen with their right hand as opposed to their left hand. Or the light versus the dark which can go both ways or equilaterally depending on the solstices and equinoxes of the planet. Etc.

Maybe, you are right.

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