Where do you watch movies?

I want to watch on Apple TV. But they are so expensive:( 10-16 eur for a movie?.

Or should I rent. But renting is boring. I want to build good collection of movies . But I don’t know if I want to watch same movie again.:frowning:

I think Apple TV has best quality movies. But I don’t know which movie to choose. Or watch some iconic franchise

Netflix and YouTube.

I have YouTube TV. I also watch movies on Netflix

We’ve got the following subs right now:

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Prime Video
  • Acorn TV

About to drop Acorn and add BritBox as my wife has gone through most of Acorn’s content. We’ve got a 50 inch flat screen upstairs and a 55 inch downstairs, both with good sound systems. Neither Mrs. Squirrel or I miss theatres.

Edit: Just realized my year long Crave subscription ran out last week. Won’t be renewing for a while until they’ve added more content.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube.

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I’m old school. I just rent or buy DVD’s and watch them on my DVD player.

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I don’t like Amazon prime and netflix:(

Try Google Movies?

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Yes Apple TV is better. I just need to pick right movie or bundles

in my living room, on my couch. i watch either netflix or amazon prime video.


I think to watch Netflix tommorow. I will watch gundam series

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