What is your favourite streaming service?

I have netflix, prime and hbo max

I rate netflix at a 8/10, prime at a 2/10 and hbo max at around 8/10 but a more quality 8 then netflix


Probably Disney plus at this point. I don’t watch much TV though.


I use prime because i alsso use for shopping


I also have the ufc channel because i like to watch fights lol


I don’t watch much TV also but I have Prime and Netflix as my streaming services.
I used to have more streaming services like Disney Plus, Paramount and Peacock but I really never watched them much so I recently cancelled.

I still think that Netflix and Prime are the best anyway.

Recently saw two episodes of Rings of Power or whatever it’s called on Amazon Prime Video and thought it was garbage.

I’m not planning to watch more episodes.


Hulu for sure.

Tried Prime and Netflix which are okay but Hulu has all the movies and shows I like.

Tbf I better include Vudu. I bought 126 movies all mostly on sale or in their deals list. Guess I am a movie buff. @Montezuma probably has me beat though.


  • BritBox

  • Acorn

  • Netflix

  • Prime

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Prime. Disney+ is getting lame - may stop it. Who really wants to pay a monthly fee for rubbish like the Baby Groot Sing Along?


My wife uses those to torture me. If we get divorced, I’m putting Britbox as the primary reason.


Hulu all the way.

Haven’t watched tv in what feels like forever tho

I’ve been watching a lot of Hulu.

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