Where do you want to travel? ✈️

Usa canada russia india uk china …


Where in the USA would you like to visit, @far_cry0?

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Romania bulgaria lithuwania belgium …almost all the country of europe …

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Hi rhubot sup…i like to visit texas first cuz there are a lot of nepali living there…then georgia athens cuz my brother lives there…then the capital washington dc…california and las vegas…which states are u from rubes …


None of those states! I’m from the middle of the US. It’s all farmland here, we don’t get any tourists :joy_cat:

I’ve been to Texas, Georgia and California - it’s pretty hot in those places! Pack shorts, tshirts, and sandals!

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om_sadasiva are u greek?

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yes I am.
and you?

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Yes he iz a greek …laros…!!!

I wish to go to every province in Canada (because I’ve lived here my whole life and only been to a few.)
I also want to go to:
And more, but I’m too tired to remember my whole list. Haha.

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iam greek sadasiva.
hello far_cry0

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really? cool…

UK, Australia and Japan. Wish to travel to those.

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Travel ,experience,see the world.:two_hearts:
Different cultures,food, architecture,nature, etc

I would love that and it can be so exciting and good meet new contacts , friends etc but my symptoms and finances prevent that from happening.

I have traveled alone and psychotic and it was horrid.

I would want to travel first class with my own little hut and bed or a private plane with bed would do nicely as well.

I have traveled to a few countries but I flew economy class.
The seats are pretty small for long flights such as between Sweden and Australia.

I do not have a passport at the moment.
My old passports have expired.

I do not think I will travel the world with my body and person but that does not bother me.

I am pleased and content and grateful for what I have and where I am and improvement can still happen .

Lots of places in oz I would love to experience.

I think if I travel I want it to be within Australia.

I rather spend my money on other things and I’m on a budget.

There are so many beautiful places in Australia that if I wanted a holiday I could travel within Australia and be satisfied and pleased with that.

I hope to spend my money in near future on loan for silicon tits ,helping my bf renovate, good food and drink, clothes , vegetable patch ,seedlings, hygiene stuff etc, and my car and that’s a start for now.

I am happy to have been to over ten countries and lived in three.
I lived in Germany,Sweden and now live in Australia and am a Australian citizen.

Good traveling for you guyzz who do travel.

I did not mention my neigher but I spend almost half my newstart allowance on her and she is scheduled to move to be with me soon.

She is set to be traveling soon.:two_hearts:

Good traveling wishes to you guyzzz !!!:rainbow:

I’ve been all over the U.S.A., and to Turkey, Germany, Mexico, Panama, England, Italy, France, Switzerland, and Scotland.

I would like to go to Spain, and Israel.

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Erez must be seeing this …

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I’m sorry if he see’s it, but, I still want to go there.

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It’s true we don’t appreciate what we have we always want something else …

However for a long time I hated travelling thinking there wasn’t any point , it’s also expensive. But actually every time I travel I came back feeling refreshed… learning about others isn’t such a bad thing it’s a good way to learn and open the mind


I hate travelling…
yes you are right. we learn from different cultures. of course.

I’ve done the travelling thing. It’s great and recommend it for everyone but unless I win the lotto I’m going nowhere fast!

I’ve done it and loved it and your right that it opens up the whole world to experience…but I have some debts to pay off and I’m conscious of things over here…Get out and get amongst it - it’s the best thing you will ever do but it’s so beneficial!

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