Holiday! where in the world?

What destination would you like to go to if you were well enough?
I have never been to Italy. Right now I have going to Italy as a goal. I love Italian food and ice cream and of course Cappuccino. I would go but I have no one to go with which is what is preventing me.

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I would go… so many places… lake tahoe, colorado, moab, utah, arizona, yellowstone, see the redwoods, the beach

Russia: I would like to see more of my heritage.
New Zealand: “K” wants to see where they filmed the LOTR.
Alaska: I would like to have a chance to see the wildlife and perhaps live on a fishing boat for 6 months or so.
Pennsylvania: Where “K” is from and some place we hope to live someday.
Ukraine: I have met wonderful people from there and I would love to have a chance to visit.
Thailand: I would love to see the elephants and the culture here.
India: I would also love to experience the culture here.
Washington: I hear a lot about the rain in Seattle and I would love to spend a day in the city of rain. I also hear Seattle is one of the most LGBT friendly cities in the world.

There are a few places I would like to visit. I would also love to go on a cruise. Take “K” snowboarding, rock climbing, skydiving and scuba diving.

I’d like to visit Canada. I have relatives there. I’d also like to see pyramids in Egypt and inca temples in Mexico.

I don’t like to visit the beaches in other countries. I have beaches at home. I want to see culture and historic buildings.

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Top of the list-Nepal; the sanctuary of my mind all these years, I’d go backpacking, do the Annapurna circuit, see up close the mountain I’ve had on my wall all these years and visit Buddhist monasteries!

New zealand for me too, I have family there and the scenery looks ace!

Iceland and Svalbard; I went to Norway in February, these two seem like the next step.

Yosemite National park; I’d like to follow in the footsteps on Ansel Adams and John Miur and go there.

I have many places I’d love to visit and walks I want to do, hopefully I’ll see some of them.

I hope we all see where we want to go at some point!

Go steady,

We are the city of rain alright. We’re also pretty friendly. It’s hard to get too worked up about stuff when your always wet. :smiley:

I would love to see Spain.

I would also like to see my Grandma’s home city in Mexico.

My sis has always wanted to see our Great Grandfathers part of Jamaica.

Wow, I’ve already been to or even lived in a lot of the places you all mention…

Lived in Alaska,
Been to 3 provinces of Canada, Tijuana Mexico, the Rockies, Yellowstone, Redwoods, Grand canyon, many ocean beaches…

Some places I haven’t been, Russia - had a chance to go when I was 15 but I was dropped from the trip. India - at one time I thought of going there. Antarctica - I have no idea why, I hate the cold…but I also lived in Alaska, so idk…Scotland where my Moms parents came from…
One place I would still want to visit is Hawaii… it’s the only US state i haven’t been to at all. Talked about moving there in the winter of 2011 - 12…wish we had now…

7 of 7…I’m on a roll today…two 11:11s and now a 77

I would like to go to the Netherlands, as my dad is Dutch so my heritage is there
I would also like to go to Mecca (but in winter!), the holy centre of my religion

Seattle. Starbucks headquarters + Pike Street market. :coffee: :fish: :apple:

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to be honest i am content where i am.
take care



Tulsa, Oklahoma. I need to go somewhere boring so I can calm down. Maybe Akron, Ohio.

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Greece. But that trip would do me in. So maybe Ireland a bit of the old world heritage of my family. Don’t know why I’d want to do that. Maybe a leprechaun.

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Yeah, same here…I’m on top of a hill and in the forest, with this down in one of the valleys:


Somewhere tropical. Clear water, colorful birds, underwater caves…

wow, that is beautiful, i love nature.
take care

Yes!!! That is beautiful.

I would be content there, too.

it to bright need to be darker…

Here’s some that are better… :smile:

From my property…

Dawn Mists

Full Moon

Storm cloud obscures light

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