Where do you like to read?

nothing like taking a bath and reading. i cant read anywhere else, i get too restless. but when im in the tub I read like a librarian (do they read??)

So yeah, what settings do you like to read in? Noise, no noise, outside on the porch maybe or just on your bed???


On the kitchen counter, no noise except coffee brewing.

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I also read in the bath. I like to read out on the beach also.


Only read on my bed. Oh wait - sometimes on my parents sofa. Love being able to read again.


In bed. I used to go to sleep reading in the bath tub. When I woke up the water was cold.

I usually read in arm chair with TV on

I sometimes read and when I do, I usually read in bed. It’s easy to fall in sleep there…:slight_smile:

Library, coffee shop, couch, bed.

In bed. I like it quiet, and I like to be comfortable.

I do not read at all, I am tired of reading. Happy New Year!