Where do u shop for groceries at most?

Trader Joe’s for me



Kroger is where I go. I’m from Michigan

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Mercearia do Seu João for me. I’m from Brazil.

They only have 1 location but I can walk there so it’s convienant for me. Often times I go to Stop n Shop also when I’m not feeling so lazy and anxiety because its much better and healthier options than this place I go to.

Sams club and target.

My father loves Trader Joe’s.
The prices are low!


If I am going big grocery shopping I go to WalMart. About twice a year I drive an hour and a half to go to an Air Force base and shop at the commissary on base to stock up my freezer.

If I am just picking up a few things I go to a local market right down the street. But the Winn Dixie by my house flooded and they didn’t rebuild. They got bought out by Shoppers Value which is supposed to be really cost savings. I will check that out when it opens.

I like Trader Joe’s too but there is only one of those in my city and it’s far from me. I really like their frozen asparagus and cheeses though. Don’t go very often.

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At Meijer, it’s like a Walmart, we have them in my part of the Midwest. Sometimes I go to Kroger.

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I just got back from shopping at Trader Joe’s. It’s my favorite grocery store!


Tesco or more rarely Iceland and sainsburys.


I miss Trader Joe’s. I used to shop there a lot. Now I live in a more rural area and I was told that because the demographic of the surrounding, more populated, area is low-income, low education, Trader Joe’s won’t come here… I miss the lentil wraps, the frozen mini pizzas, the mochi ice cream and the peanut butter pretzels… :yum:
I go to Walmart mostly now, or Stater Bros. So very different, but I’ve gotten used to it. I actually really like Walmart because I can get bulk items really cheap.

I really like Metro, they have everything I need almost including vegan products and local fruits.
I still go to a special market sometimes to buy specific vegetables that are difficult to find.

I buy certain products from Walmart. Sometimes :thinking:

We will have ‘Marshalls’ soon I think :thinking: I saw it somewhere when driving ‘opening soon’ I think they have very good discount branded items.

Wal Mart and the Dollar Tree

Wal-mart and sometimes Dakotamart.

I almost always go to IGA, more rarely Super C or Metro. Metro is usually expensive.

Walmart. Not much else around here that I can buy a weeks groceries in one place. Plus they are better than the little local grocery stores for carrying gluten free stuff. I have Celiac disease.

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Cub or target. Down south they have kroger, doesnt that sound like an evil troll who lives under a bridge or what

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I shop at aldi. It’s pretty cheap and lots of healthy things.

Meijer or Aldi. Illinois.

Used to shop at fairway and Whole Foods in ny since those were closest. Now I order food online from a place that looks like Walmart called Jumbo