Where do u shop for groceries at most?

Damn Wal-Mart super center. I hate it there! They put the good stuff way the hell in the back corner of the store. So I have to walk the length of the building to get it. I have so many side effects from the pills that it’s like torture. They should put all the really good tasting food right up front so it’s easy to fill your cart and leave in minutes.

Cora. That or the local produce shop…and the commissary.

I’m a Tesco man too!

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Walmart and Publix. (Publix is one of the best supermarkets in the country).

Intermarché, Super U, City Market in my neighborhood.

Kroger needs the preciousss! They took it from kroger!

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Why? and who cares?

Because it’s fun knowing things about other people and what they do.

In Florida I used to go to Publix, here in Barcelona I go to Mercadona

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I do Tesco online delivery epecialy at the times when I not feeling like going out.

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Another Tesco man here

Sometimes food for less and mostly winco. I got a EBT card. Lucky me.

Happy cake day! :birthday:

A place called Smith’s mostly