Where do they come from?

Delusions, I mean. Or unusual beliefs. I think of them as different. Believing unusual things doesn’t get in the way much. But some delusions make it hard to live.

Is there any research on what part of the brain creates these thoughts? Why are they the last to go, or never go? Is any med better than any other for delusions?

People tell me these things are not true, but I can’t accept it and the feeling these thoughts give me makes me so sad and afraid.

I believe delusions are the exact same thing as dreams only you have them while awake. Similarly to dreams they’re based off your emotions, beliefs, etc…and if you understand them you can understand a lot about yourself.

I think there’s only two kinds of delusions, protective or explanatory. Some can be both. A protective delusion is designed to protect a person from unpleasant feelings. So a person may think they are very powerful, because this protects them from their feelings of helplessness, or think they have some sort of amazing talents/superpowers to hide feelings of inadequacy. An explanatory delusion helps to explain symptoms of psychosis which are bizarre and terrifying. For example exepriencing paranoia, which is strong fear. The brain scrambles to find a reason why it would be experiencing such intense fear and then comes up with some reason like “Demons are around me” or “someone is trying to hurt me”.

Of course all of this is theoretical and there’s a lot of debate about it. But from my experience and study that’s the answer.

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I think that may be what I have going on, I feel the intense fear first, then I know the reasons for it. Unfortunately, this helps me not at all.

You need to work on changing your thought processes from “I am afraid”—>“I am in danger” to “I am afraid”—>“This a false alarm and just my brain dumping chemicals. I am safe. This will pass.”

Of course your ability to do that will depend on your cognitive skills at the moment. If you let the fear progress to a certain point it’s really too late.

I feel you can combat explanatory delusions by giving yourself a better and understandable explanation. (This is even the case for non psychotic people! When someone has their first panic attack their brain jumps to the explanation that they must be having a heart attack and dying! This makes it even worse. But with therapy and practice they can learn that they are safe during a panic attack and how to get though it. When I had sleep paralysis for the first time I thought I was being possessed! But then I learned it was a totally normal body phenomenon that happens to keep you from acting out your dreams. New explanation that isn’t scary!) You can combat protective delusions by understanding what feelings you really don’t want to be dealing with and confronting and processing them, and then realizing you are prone to those types of delusions when you feel that way.

Yeah it’s gone too far right now. I can’t accept an alternative explanation. But since there’s nothing I can do about it, nothing I can do to protect myself from the things I am afraid of, I know there’s no point to the fear.

Are you on meds? The only thing that ever completely took away that fear for me were meds.

Yes, but they’re being really conservative. I’ve told the doctor I need something else but since I’m bathing and wearing clean clothes … it’s a low bar. I’ve lost so much weight because I can’t eat that they want to send me to a gastroenterologist. So, maybe few months after the referral and waiting for the appointment and getting told there’s nothing wrong with my digestive system, maybe I’ll get something better.

Yikes, if you’re on meds but still having this level of fear you are either not on the right med or not at the right dose. Make sure to be a strong advocate for yourself, the doctor doesn’t understand the intensity of what you are experiencing, only you do. No skin off the doctors back if you are suffering from this for several more weeks while you make other doctor appts but it’s certainly rough for you!

Yeah, they totally don’t get it. I have to stop functioning entirely. I think others would be happy to have such med averse doctors, but it’s not a great match for me. Apparently this is “recovery.”

Maybe you can find a new doctor? You need a balance. Not one who looks down their nose at meds but also one that doesn’t just try to solve every problem with meds and ignores any kind of self work or just gives higher and higher doses with any complaint made.

You’re not wrong, but that’ll take as long as going to the gastroenterologist. Ah well. One thing I have learned is I will either get better, get worse, or stay the same. And if I get worse I will get more meds. If I get better I won’t need them. Only staying the same will suck.

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True, finding a new doctor will take just as long…good luck, I really hope things improve for you. Keep us updated!

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I have religious delusions of reference. And I believe in them wholeheartedly. I know where they come from. Upstairs.

I believe in my delusion completely as well. It is extremely distracting, overwhelming and painful. I believe I have been trapped in this reality show for many, many years. They only told me about it a year and a half ago. I may be here for many more years. It’s very depressing. They control my brain so I wish they would just make me happy as long as I have to be here.

I may try a new med to see if I can get this damn thing to go away.

(About religious delusions of reference)I have this too. Can you tell me about yours? Mine scare me.

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I am curious what your religious delusions of reference are. I know you also think you are part of a reality show, like me. I believe I am the savior. That’s part of the reason I was chosen for the brain study/documentary/show. I believe I have abolished religion as the savior. It’s pretty funny because I have committed most of the ‘sins’ but that is what I believe.