Where (a poem)

Where will I
Be loved
Not based on my appearance
Nor by my thoughts?
Where will I be loved
When the eyes upon eyes,
Become fearful,
And you run away, from town to town,
Hoping that you’ll not be discovered,
Hoping that people will never find out
Your darkest secrets,
And then when you settle,
Finally make friends,
Then comes the dreadful part:
Will they abandon me?
Will they appreciate me?

I am a deranged, lost outcast,
And there is not one place on Earth
That will say, welcome,
You are loved and welcome to stay.
But soon the birds cry;
The alligators, the beasts of the world,
Hide away from your presence;
Then you know,
It’s time to run away.
It’s the virus!
It’s violence!
It’s the Death himself manifested in a woman!

Oh, where in this Earth will I be loved?
This deranged human without value?
Nowhere, I say to myself,
And I continue to run away,
From town to town,
Hoping not to be discovered.