No one (a poem)

No one will
Love me anymore
And I convinced myself
That love is worth it
But nothing feels joyful
Not even the birdsongs
Or flowers across the streets
Not even air

I know that I’m breathing
And when my parents die
I will probably be locked away
Somewhere in the woods

I am not loved
And not even myself will choose to do so
My dogs will die
And i will probably be told to shut up
As if my voice does not matter

I know that I am here
I know that I am breathing
I know I exist
But nothing matters
I am just here
And everyone else chooses to be blind
Everyone turns on their tvs
What a horrible person they must be
What horrible creatures they are
They ruin their families and the society
What horrible creatures
Lurking around us
Horrible! Horrible!

So does my inner soul
Pretending that the world goes around
Without me for the better
And i will have a pauper’s funeral
Without anyone present


Hey I like your poem.

It’s what I’m feeling right now.

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Yep I feel like that everyday.

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