When you are working your mouse at the computer

Do you keep your wrist raised or do you drop it on the pad. I got in the habit of resting my wrist on the pad and now it’s hard to stop it. My piano training is having a fit at my laziness. How about you?


I don’t use a pad, but I rest my wrist on the table I am using. I think most people have their wrist resting. I don’t think it’s laziness on your part. I think that is just the way people do it.

I dont really use the mouse that much anymore. Grab it to click sometimes then use the keyboard to scroll

Challenge yourself to lifting it. I dare you.

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Yeah, I tried it before I typed my first response. It was very uncomfortable.

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I bought a piano keyboard for my birthday and have only played it once.

Do you know how to play or did you get it to learn?

I got it to learn.

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I need a higher desk. My current one is low I bend my back so now its curved. My friend bought straps to keep the back straight. Maybe I should try them as I play video games on my PC everyday.

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I have a wrist rest with my mousepad so I use that.

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