When you almost get in an accident

It was a close call, I was pulling out into the street and I didn’t even see the car until I almost hit him. It would have totally been my fault. I missed him by several feet but it shook me up for several seconds. But what could I do? I just kept driving to work. It happens every now and then but not that often. I just have to suck it up and continue and hope it doesn’t happen again. I’m not going to give up or anything.


I almost hit someone at a stop sign a few years back I could see the guy in the car yelling and cussing oh well


A near miss? or would that have been if you actually hit them? Then you may have nearly missed them.

Sorry, reminded me of an old George Carlin bit.

All joking aside, I have had several of those close calls in the past and I have a almost perfect driving record. Hardly worth giving up driving IMO, unless you feel you are in some way becoming impaired.

That’s another discussion. I mostly avoid driving at night these days because of poor night vision.

I’d just take this incident as a warning to make an effort be more careful.


When I almost get in an accident I just assume that it really did happen but I was transported to another dimension.

Lost count of all the times I have died in my life. But I do worry about the grieving families I have left behind.

Had a close call late last year that would have been my fault if the other driver hadn’t been paying attention. I didn’t look carefully enough before backing up. I certainly do NOW, however! We’re human and we make mistakes no matter how careful we try to be.

If nothing bad happened then just take the win and try and avoid that mistake going forward.


I really hate driving - I can drive but always so stressful.


Cannot believe I paid the tuition for trucking school. What was I thinking. I can’t hardly back up my car without my anxiety amping up much less a semi trailer.

I drive locally, and once a month I will drive north to Walmart and eat Chinese buffet. Poor vision in general this Skunk has.


Had a close call the other day. Would have gotten broadsided and it would have been on me. I was rattled for a moment too.

An old boss once said to me: Trust no one and assume nothing. That applied at the liquor store I worked at but can be applied to the road too.


Yes, but strong in The Force this one is.


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When i was riding a motorcycle in thailand i was going about 70kmh, this old lady starts backing her motorbike out into the middle of the road. I couldnt go in the other lane because a moving truck was coming the opposite way.

So i was thinking its either die by truck or hit the lady.

I managed to steer enough to hit her front wheel and i went flying along the road on my side. I was fairly scraped up but i got super lucky that my sandal slid up to my knee and protected my knee as a slid along the pavement, and i had just bought jean shorts that day!

So im laying on the ground, i get up and realise im covered in juice. The ladys front bike basket had a bunch of juice and fruit in it lol.

This thai guy looks at me and i give him the thumbs up and he gave me the thumbs up, then i sped away lol. As i had no insurance or license :crazy_face:

One of sir level tales of the young and reckless


I had a car accident at the start of the year. I fell asleep behind the will and side swiped the barrier lining the road. I didn’t hit anyone else, thank goodness. However, now i have this huge dent running the length of the car, and you can no longer get in or out of the driver side door. We don’t have the money to fix this, but i don’t think we’ll bother. Just save up and get another car.

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I drive defensively and always have. I used to work at a place as a vehicle accessory fitter. I did all my accidents there where it didn’t mean much because we had a panel and paint shop. It was so much fun driving new cars off the wharves and I can park anything. I drove big things like truck cabs, buses and farm tractors too…

Still. I watch where I am and give myself distance between me and others…it really pays to not get too cocky but glad you survived @77nick77 . It really does make you more attentive for most!


I knew a girl second hand who had epilepsy very bad, and she drove fifty miles on the interstate every weekday to get to her job substitute teaching. Thank God she was stopped, because she was a fatal accident waiting to happen. After she was stopped from driving like that she had a fit when she was home alone, and when she fell she hit her nose very hard on the edge of a table, and she bled to death.

I was in a head on collision once. We were in a compact pickup like they used to make in the 70’s, and we hit a big, 3/4 ton pickup head on. We were on a country road, driving way too recklessly. We’d been drinking beer and smoking weed. It was stupid, I know. We were going 23 mph, and the big pickup was going 19 mph. My friend had to get his kneecap removed because of the wreck. He also had to get a bunch of stitches in his head. I got my front teeth broken in half, and that has caused problems for me ever since. The Army gave me a bunch of dental work, free of charge. I also had to get three stiches in my butt. It was embarrassing.

I pulled out on front of a car recently. It wasn’t really my fault because the car was small and hidden behind others coming from the left. They didn’t honk and should have.