When were you in a bar/club last time

It has been over half a decade ago in my case.

I went out last week, however I didn’t drink. I get anxious around that many people who are just unwinding and having a good time. Paranoia sets in and I start to hear them say thing that they aren’t actually saying. It’s a good test to see how well I’m doing whether or not I can handle that environment. I think I’d be better off if my brain didn’t cease processing in those environments.

Like 2 yrs ago.

Probably about two years ago…I was sober for 16 months of that…I never enjoyed bars even when I was a big drinker…that was a huge change when everyone I knew was old enough to drink in bars rather than at home or around a camp fire…though my first experience with bars was at 18 playing music in them but I wasn’t old enough to drink in them yet. Never liked them.

I also gave up house parties a very long time ago after a bad experience all around at a kegger while dosed with Xanax and in the midst of a personality crisis/pre-psychotic…

Haven’t been in a bar since 1998. I used to love live music at bars but that was years ago.

It’s been over a decade - probably a decade and a half. One time I was living on the street. I walked up behind this bar, and the metal grate over the door was open. I pushed on the door, and it swung open. (It was around 3:00 a.m.) I walked in, and I was surrounded by booze, but I left it alone. I checked one of the cash registers, and it had $35.00 in it. I took the money. I stayed in the bar I would guess about forty-five minutes. The next night I came back to the bar when it was open, and I spent all of that $35.00 on beer.

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Over a month ago

Ooh that is a tough one…never? Unless you count BW3 with my wife but that’s not really a ‘‘bar’’ so much as a wing place.

I went to a bar last Friday night.

Its been a year since i quit drinking and going to bars, but before that every weecken.

1984…it was called “the Bank”
My friend dragged me to it.

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My mother would turn over in her grave.

A few months ago I went out to eat in a restaurant that had a bar. I don’t drink so I just sat and enjoyed my meal. I had no desire to go up to the bar.

2 years ago last time I was at a bar I got arrested oh the joys of alcohol.LOL

Less than a week. I am social.

I can top that. I’m in a bar right now.


on a wednesday?! get your ■■■■ together jk

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I haven’t been to a bar since my brother’s wedding at the after reception bar crawl. It was 3 years ago.

it has been 29 years since i was last able to go to a pub.
of course this is australia…so a pub is basically a public toilet with a bar in it…
but hey…i was pleased with myself.
take care

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Don’t go to places like that…1: I don’t drink. 2: I’m not looking to meet people, 3: no one to go out with 4: can’t afford to really go out that much. 5…well I could go on…

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