When was the last time you went to a restaurant

It may have been McDonalds two months ago, but I like Kebab in one Turkish restaurant.

I went to an italian restaurant two weeks ago

Yesterday as a matter of fact. I sat outside and vaped my ecig. Then had lots of strong coffee and this made my symptoms much worse over the day. Won’t be repeating that for a while. Decaf is definitely my friend now.

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I know that too much coffee can get you there where you do not want to go. Once I made some strong espresso coffee and then could not sleep in two days. It also may cause hallucinations. This was in 1999 in America.

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Summer… I get a lot of take-away and go to the park or the beach…

to eat in a restaurant… that’s been almost a 3 months. April I think

Its been many years, the last time that I ate in was at a BBQ place in Anchorage when I was a kid at this BBQ place where the owners were from somewhere NOT in alaska and my ma would take us there when she saved up enough, she said that they may be bad people (racist) but she was introducing us to Great BBQ.

I dont know why but they went out of business.

It must have been last year when my parents visited… my husband and I took them to a coffee shop and we all had waffles. Before that it must have been years since I went to a restaurant, because when I was a teenager right into my mid twenties, I had a phobia for eating out at restaurants. I was scared big time, but I kind of overcame it now. I prefer eating with only close family still, but I am more flexible with eating with others now.

I went to burger king yesterday but couldn’t eat. I like the chicken fries, I ate little bit of that then saw some friends. I go out a lot though, about 5X a month to fancy restaurants and I eat out maybe 10x a month to small restaurants with salad bar etc/. I can save a lot of money if I stop this habit. :cocktail:

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It’s been about 4 months for me. I don’t like to eat a restaurants cause I feel they poison my food.

Last night. Got some valuable people watching in.

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went to Charleston’s monday and didn’t like the catfish platter I got but I ate it anyways because it’s an expensive restaurant.

went to Carlito’s mexican restaurant wednesday…my mom bought both meals because it was after the dentist. I hardly ever get to eat at restaurants.

The last time I went to a proper restaurant was in January 2011 with my father,brother and sister for my birthday in January 2011 soon after my mum died.
It was a semi posh place. I wouldn’t go in such places on my own. Have been in one or two Chinese restaurants on my own but that was a long time ago.

About 3 hrs ago x

did you receive that skinny jeans you ordered?

I went to subway yesterday and got a spicy italian.

Lol waterway x yes, but I fit them until I went on holiday and can’t wear them on the way back
I was 6 months off all sugars, but now just need to go back to that when the plane touches down xxxxx

They are beautiful though
Can’t wear them with a muffin top this size
Gives me incentive now x

aw come on I saw your picture, you look beautiful.

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Weight goes on and off all the time x

careful though I read your posts about eating disorder. I;m not much better than you, sometimes I starve myself but I never puke. These meds are horrible.