When to take Paliperidone / Invega (what time)?

Hi so I’ve been taking my Paliperidone (invega) everyday in the evening before dinner.

Is it advisable to take this medicine before or after dinner? I’m taking Sertraline too. Thanks!

I usually take it after dinner, about 30 min before bed time. I have taken it before dinner before and don’t notice much of a difference.

I think it makes sense to be consistent on when you take it though.

I take it right before I go to sleep

I take mine in the morning, an hour before I eat breakfast.
I did read somewhere that you have to be consistent with taking it with or without food, so I don’t know if I’m doing it right.

So I read in the janssen invega official document via google that they advise to take it before or after breakfast in the morning.

They further advise to be consistent before or after breakfast. I’m wondering though why they advise to take the medicine in the morning and not evening?

If functioning normally during day will be helped by taking the med. early morning I might give it a try! Suggestions?

I take 9 mg of Invega first thing in the morning. My pdoc told me that some people take it in the morning, some at lunch and some in the evening. She said that I could choose but had to be consistent.