When to stop driving

I’m concerned that I probably shouldn’t be driving anymore. I’ve had incidents alone in the car, where I felt the urge to drive into a tree or lake or whatever was there (never into other cars). I’ve also hallucinated something that caused me to slam the brakes. I only have a permit so it’s not like I’ve been driving long but due to life circumstances I have no choice. I’m too paranoid to ever take the bus and I can’t bum rides off of people forever. I’m basically stuck between a rock and a hard place. When I am feeling asymptomatic I am an excellent driver. I doubt that I’d ever cause an accident or harm to anyone including myself due to my driving. So my question is, when do you know when to surrender your license? (I refuse to have it taken)

I used to have voices telling me “drive off the cliff”

I wrote a poem

I’m hearing voices in my head
I swear they want me dead
Telling me to drive off a cliff
But all I could hear is the riffs from the radio
Like I’m livin in the eighties yo

Was tough times

Meds solved it for me

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I stopped driving when I became ill. I have totally lost my confidence. I’d like to drive again but I would have to take lessons again. I can’t afford it at the moment.

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It took me years to learn to drive. I was 23 when I got my license. Anyway, I do get urges to drive into oncoming traffic. There are a lot of trucks on the two-lane highway on my commute, and I would only drive into something that was so big that it wouldn’t likely hurt anyone but me. And I’m sure I’ll never actually do it.
My son chooses not to drive because of his visual hallucinations. His mind creates an entirety seperate reality and he is concerned about confusing the real road with hallucination.
Anyway, I would give up driving if I thought there was any real danger. You have to do what you know is right.
If you have good public transit, maybe someone could help you by going with you a number of times to regular stops so that it wouldn’t be intimidating.

I need to be more consistent with mine. I like the poem, I relate to it big time. Hopefully once I get those situated driving will be easier on me.

I’ve been thinking of taking lessons too. I’m not sure if they’ll be beneficial. I get very paranoid with passengers in the car.

If you hallucinate you probably shouldnt be driving

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This is good advice. I only live with my partner and I’m not sure if he would feel safe going on the city bus. Maybe I can convince him. I’m just not sure I really need to give up my license yet. I’ve never been in any real close calls. I think I’m just going to limit my driving drastically. Appointments and work only.

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I’ve only ever hallucinated once. Someone stopped opposite of me at a four way stop light. It was in the middle of the night on a quiet road. I hadn’t noticed their exhaust had accumulated behind the car. As our lights turned I passed the cloud of exhaust and immediately thought it was a person standing in the middle of the road so I slammed my brakes. There was no one else around except the car that had already passed. I usually don’t hallucinate in the car. It’s just slightly more difficult to stay 100% focused and only when I’m tired. I don’t think it’s necessary at this point but I’m worried I will need to surrender it in the future. I guess gut instinct is best to go by.

Im like a good driver…no tickets no accidents…but if i hallucinate i pull over and wait till its gone…some days i refuse to drive …if im having alot of audible or visuals…i also have urges to run into stuff mostly if im alone…

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I guess you don’t have to hand your license in, just don’t drive if you don’t feel safe doing it.

It took me ages to start driving again after my most recent episode. I was petrified of all cars, I found it hard even to be a passenger.