When to go inpatient?

(I know I keep asking this, but I’m in doubt)

I’ve been having suicidal thoughts for the past two weeks or so. Today they’ve gotten worse, and the voices are telling me to throw up my food, hurt myself, kills myself, and OD on pills.
I talked to a friend about the two weeks of suicidal thoughts, and he asked me why I haven’t gone inpatient yet. I told him I didn’t feel like it was serious enough.
I still don’t feel like it is, but it scares me that I’ve taken a turn for the worse so quickly. It’s literally a matter of hours. Like, what if it gets even worse?

How serious should things be before I seek help at the psych er? How long should they have been that serious?
Should I take more quetiapine and try to ride it out?

I think the threshhold is when you could be a danger to yourself or others


If they are that bad. You should go in. :raccoon::raccoon::raccoon:

Can you call your pdoc? My pdoc answers or gets back to us within a couple of hours no matter what day of the week or time it is. They can guide you on what to do, whether you just need a prn or an increase in meds, or whether or not you should go inpatient. If you can’t get ahold of your pdoc or nurse practitioner over the weekend, then go to the ER. Don’t wait until it gets worse and you lose insight or drive. Plus, the worse your condition, the longer your hospital stay. Best to get in, get meds adjusted, and get out. Sometimes, if it’s just a small adjustment, they’ll let you go home after the required 72 hours.

My pdoc and my np are not available in the weekends.
I just don’t want to bother anyone, I’d have to convince someone to drive me up there, and I don’t want to be a nuisance.

quetiapine. That made me suicidal. I’d get urgent medical attention. Don’t wait.

It sounds like you are already at the place where you need help. I understand not wanting to bother anybody but it might be time to go to the ER. Better to let the doctors decide if you need the hospital or whatever. Please don’t let this go on for too much longer without getting help.

I think having one of your friends find your dead body would make you more of a nuisance than asking for a ride to the hospital. If they’re going to bi tch and moan about having to take a few hours out of one day to keep you healthy and safe, then they’re not really your friends, or even your acquaintances really. Hell, you could probably get one of your neighbors to take you to the hospital. A true friend will do whatever they can to help you get to a safe place no matter what.

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Well, you’re right about that.
I know I have friends and family who’d happily take me if they have time or haven’ consumed alcohol.
The only problem is all nearby family is at my third cousin’s confirmation today, so I’m sure they’re all tired.

I’ve texted the friend who usually takes me, and I’m waiting to hear what he says, and whether or not he’ll take me.

Do you guys have Uber or Lyft where you live? You could take one of those if your friend can’t drive you maybe? I know you’re not in the US… Is it safe to call your country’s emergency number?

Uber and Lyft are illegal here.
Our equivalent of 911 doesn’t send ambulances to collect people who volunteer to go inpatient.
I would have to resist and be totally off my rocker, and then the police would come and drag me into an ambulance.

Shame and you have just come out of hospital hey?

Sorry about those pesky voices !!

It’s been a few months since my last visit.
But yeah. I was hoping I’d last longer this time.

Why? I take it they don’t have Taxis either?

I don’t understand why a person has to let it get to that point before getting any help. Like, if you say you’re going to kill yourself, but you’re lucid, they won’t take you? What happens when you kill yourself? Who gets sued for malpractice?

Taxis are legal. But I can’t afford those, I have almost no money.
Uber is illegal because the taxi driver’s union protested that uber was stealing costumers from taxis at a price they couldn’ compete with due to minimum wage and such.

I once called the police because my ex-boyfriend threatened to kill himself. They went to his place, talked to him a bit, and left again when he promised he wouldn’t do it.
They’re really no help unless you’re very psychotic and an immediate danger to yourself and your surroundings.

My friend just texted me saying he’ll call me in 10 minutes.

Blasting music seems to help keep the bad stuff out, I’ll just have to blast it until he calls

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Just make sure not to blast it so loud that you can’t hear your friend’s call :upside_down_face:

It’s probably illegal or greatly regulated in some places here too, plus there are places where no one will use them. It’s just that in Texas, they literally just started running a single train that takes you from one side of Tarrant County to the other. Like not even across the state. There’s really no public transportation here.

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Hang in there Berru. Blasting music helps me as well. Hopefully your friend will come through.

The docs might pick up on other things than suicidal thoughts. Psychosis can be sneaky. But doing a stay may be the best thing for you at this time.


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