Sixteen years of this bs

Started with half siblings who couldn’t leave me alone to strangers messing with me all the time. If I can’t live in my apartment without being subjected to the lies of people who don’t know jack about me, I may have to resort to violence. Im sick of hearing it and people say I’m imagining it. I might be in crisis again…

Violence won’t help, whether the things you’re experiencing are things other people can perceive or not.

It will land you in the hospital or jail though.

I hope your doctor is taking your complaints seriously.

I have no hope in recovery.I’m sick. Its always this way no matter where I go or live.I give up.

Please hang in there @roxanna - soon you’ll see your pdcoc

I’m probably gonna freak out no matter what he puts me on.I don’t want to stop taking the meds I’m on now

Stay strong, @roxanna - pls share everything with your pdoc. November 2nd isn’t far off. I know you can do this.

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Why won’t people leave me alone?

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I’m pretty sure the upstairs folks are going to report me. If so,they need to know that they started ■■■■ with me not the other way around.

I don’t know, @roxanna - this is good question for your pdoc on Nov 2nd - just a few days off - pls keep us updated - if you like.


@Tomasina is right,

All you have to do is hold on until the 2nd and talk to your doctor.

There may be some easy adjustments that can make a big difference for you.

I read your posts all the time and I know you’re really having a hard time with this neighbor issue,

Just try to keep music on and stay distracted until you can talk to the doc, only a few days away.


If you’re worried about harassing your neighbors with your thoughts, don’t worry, since they’re not even thinking of you when they’re supposedly talking back. It’s just a deluded state.