When self medication becomes addiction

Drugs and alcohol have played a huge role in my life. I started off trying to cure boredom, then anxiety and paranoia, and ultimately it became addiction.

It made psychosis worse, but my chemical imbalance almost needed something to bring me to baseline in some aspects of life. In other aspects it brought me away from baseline.

Now I certainly need abilify 25 mg and need to treat my substance abuse.

Is it the wrong approach that I want the days to pass by so I could say “I’ve been sober for a month!” Maybe so, but naltrexone has got me so confident I could do it that I just want the days to pass so I could say that I’m sober for so long, but regardless , I’m enjoying myself more than I ever had these last 2 days. I feel revitalized, playful, comedic, thanks to naltrexone making me confident about cravings.

When self medication becomes addiction. Was that all it was for me?

Regardless, to all those struggling from addiction, I highly recommend asking your pdoc about naltrexone.

Not only does it counter cravings but it blocks receptors from working so you don’t get drunk if you try, and reassociate alcohol and drugs with a bad feeling. It helps with all addictive compulsions.

Man, I haven’t felt this good in years. Dunno why this option wasn’t brought to me sooner, maybe I wasn’t ready…


I’m only 4 days sober, but after the third day I noticed a huge difference in my attitude

Today’s day 5

I’m starting Iop Thursday

I still crave alcohol. Right now it isn’t too huge a problem for me, because since going on the med’s I can’t drink as much as I used to. Drugs and alcohol have caused me a lot of trouble. I think it was about a year and a half ago I took 13 Klonopin and 28 Atavan. It wasn’t a suicide attempt. Those drugs were just stronger than I thought. I think they took me to the emergency room, but I don’t remember if they pumped my stomach. I couldn’t walk when they found me. There were repercussions for me for that.

I’m really happy for you @turningthepage. You’ve made some excellent progress the past week. Keep it up. Keep your head up, keep moving forward. You got this.


Is that IOP? Individual Out-patient?

Intensive out patient

Three days a week for a total of 9 hours of group therapy :hamster:

I have addiction problems too. Part of it is out of boredom, as I don’t handle free time very well, and part of it is trouble sleeping.

I cut down to the 7mg patch from 21mg last week, this Thursday I have to stop it- it’s gonna be a challenge and cure my boredom.

I used to drink regularly and smoked at least a pack a day. Now I seldom drink and don’t really unless someone else drives and buys me the drink. Which did happen like three weeks ago. I had my first margarita. It was blue and tastes like a tequila slushy. I felt a bit better going to bed.

Well I get addicted to practically anything, I prescribe to the behavioral learning model of addiction. The mmpi said I was completely an addict with hardly any margin of error.

I also quit NyQuil to go to sleep. Now I have been waking up at 6am for some reason since I quit NyQuil and lowered the nicotine.

I am addicted to working out. I have to call myself on justifying two workouts a day. I can’t go back to minimum three hours of exercise a day, not for grad school no way. Today I had to do my pulls (back and shoulders) routine and then not go for a run.

I’m also addicted to this site. It’s so fun, a community of scz.

Fortunately I am not addicted to ahem orgasms anymore- I did go through a phase where I realized my promiscuity was just like when I was underage and obtaining alcohol- stop what I was doing and go get it at the call. Like at 2am.