When people try to “fix” you

Do you ever have people in your life that try to “fix” your problem? My mom came home from work. She went on for ten mins about how I need to start walking, and working once a week, and eating slower. I just feel like she thinks she knows how to “fix” me. I’m sorry I struggle so much with negative symptoms but that’s just how it is. I hate it but that’s my life. I don’t want to Effin walk. All I think about when I walk is turning around. Just really frustrated right now


My CPN is like this. I don’t think he realises that his encouragement just feels like taunting to me. Dangling an impossible situation in front of me and saying how easy it is to get there


I hear you man it can be really difficult when people try to control your life. …

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That blows. It sounds like she is trying to help, but just doesn’t understand

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People that try to “fix me” usually have an ulterior motive. I can fix myself thanks, its called medication.

Why does every fcker have a fixation that “going for a walk” solves everything?


People want to help where they see problems, but sometimes trying to fix the problems is the only way they see.

I would’t take it personal


Funny. I started singing this song that night

They are trying to fix themselfs

This is how I feel. I literally get depressed when I walk. Just let me do my thing and I’ll be alright. Even if my thing is nothing

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So true. It’s hard to put words to how schizophrenia feels. I usually say it’s like I’m about to give a presentation and I’m nervous. Always this feeling in my chest and stomach that won’t go away

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So you are depressed - then eat this or that supplement
Since you have a schizophrenic disorder you should eat gluten free.
Have you heard that exercise boost this and that area in the brain?

(im not fond of reducing the whole person to his og hers brain, like we are nothing besides that)

I barely get irritated anymore, only on my ex who always tell me to go on a special diet because “something she had read in a scientific paper,” but that’s because she is so insisting.

Most of them mean it good, but i think the best way to help others is to listen carefully and maybe afterwards come with a good realistic advice that have its source in the person that are having problems


I don’t think she’s trying to fix you per se. but trying to let you see better things in life.

People surrounding me think they know what’s best for me.
They mean well but are missing the mark

Whats a CPN? 15151515

It’s a Community Psychiatric Nurse in the UK

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yeah my mom’s also told me before to go walk the dogs and also deal with some internal stuff on the way, but, honestly, id rather play cod or chill

i can get that, it’s diffidently not easy…

Yeah. I guess now that I’ve had time to think about it I can expect her to understand what it feels like to be schizophrenic. I guess I should just nod my head and play it off

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