Question- how many of you try to fix it all in your mind 24/7 etc


Just wondering how many people try to stop/change there thinking, try to remove/get out/ end schizophrenia, try to come back to 24/7 etc,
Like 24/7 trying a psychology/mental process

I mean it might just be me,ocd tendencies, maybe pure ocd , anxiety idk
Just happens to be a 24/7 rat race to cure the issues going on in my head that, well never seem to get ■■■■■■■ fixed.



Well i take my medication and they contribute quite a lot to my stable frame of mind. However, i also go to a support group which i’ve found very useful. You can talk about any issue and receive some support from other people going through similar situations.


I think it’s just one of the mental processes that i have,
That idk I should take in to consideration because it’s a thing I do daily so,

I go to peer to peer nami ever two weeks which, def. helps in understanding/relating to other with the situation, knowing the problem you have.
as for medication probably going to talk to pdoc to start a antidepressant, see if that changes anything in my situation.
Can’t really change it all on your own .


That was me before I got on an antidepressant bro. It’s good that ur looking into starting one. It got to the point where I was feeling desperate.


In your support group, does the person facilitating actually give out advice?

I tried one recently, and people just unloaded their problems, but there was no real effort from people to address them, so I left it :frowning:


Yeah excited to see if one will help ,
Deal with depression somewhat too so that’s another thing it could help with
Btw Happy cake day :ghost: :smile: @cris2433


Thanks :slight_smile: 15151151551


I used to think a certain way and after years on the same meds and dosages I’m doing pretty good.

I don’t really get the ocd, paranoia or racing thoughts i used too. I’m a bit slower mentally but I’m happier for sure. I’m less emotional…but in a good way. I don’t fall in love with strangers or media stars. I don’t overthink everything and obsess about things beyond my control.

It’s a long journey and I’m a lot older at 48 but it really was the pills that helped!


Been focusing on creating new core beliefs for the last 9 months or so, which is apart of CBT. Core beliefs are suppose to be pivotal in creating automatic thoughts and most beliefs you form of the world, yourself & others. Should be another 6-7 months til its completely implemented.


My group is sort of chaired by a psychiatrist and a psychologist, so when people talk about their problems, they delve deeper into them and assist the person experiencing the problem to find the best way to deal with it. I can understand why you left. Who wants to sit in a group where all that happens is people talk about how they’re struggling, but there is no one there to help them through it.


I ended up giving them that feedback as they wouldn’t leave me alone as they were ‘worried’ about me.

The facilitator also raised safeguarding concerns with the CMHT.

I wasn’t happy, so I told him why I left.






I have been trying to overcome this illness since it started age 15, I think I’ve been making progress esp the last 8 years in conjunction with my meds


Before meds I would have all this stupid rituals inside my head. “say that three times and you’ll be free of voices” “keep one eye closed and people would not be able to read your mind” “draw your walls for you to be safe from devils”

They were always weird and always changing. One time I sat on the toilet for two hours trying to get rid of a evil spirit lol