When not symptomatic with hallucinations and delusions can the anxiety make you do strange things?

Strange things like create a 100 facebook accounts over a span of six years i done this. It’s like I become symptomatic, create one. Become “normal” and delete it and let it go. I am so frustrated with myself and i feel everyone must be fed up with me.

That sounds more like manic behavior. Wait for the pdoc appointment to be sure.

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i wish facebook didn’t exist. i tend to do this repetitively and no wonder why people must think i am crazy, but i guess if not facebook i would have picked up some other lame habit.

At least you’re not talking to yourself on the streets, that would be worse. I’ve done that, so embarrassing!
You have a brain illness ish, it makes you do stupid things.
I wish I had a solution for your facebook problem.


I find that mental things manifest one way or another.

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its really odd normally manic people become very loud even if they are shy. well not me. I tend to let my crazy shine through facebook

I woke up to some Hypomania today - feels Good and Refreshing! :smile:

It could be some Hypomania on your part @Ish, the problem with Hypomania is that people can get Impulsive real easily.

Hypomania or small Manias can turn into full blown Mania in some people - this can be a destructive situation.

Talk to your doctor and tell him/her what you are going through.

You could be a Candidate for a Mood Stabilizer.

Try to slow down and pace yourself during these times.

Best of luck to you.

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Sorry I laughed a bit now, yeah I wasn’t very loud I think either, I just remember being super hyper active. I said somethings on facebook I regret too. I created a new account and just added some of the people I care about.

I don’t know, maybe take facebook out of your phone, uninstall it.

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A lot of my coworkers are also close friends and know that i have sz and sometimes at work i’ll get so into my voices that i’ll mumble out loud and they’ll talk to me for a minute about how it’s just in my head. Luckily I have never been on the streets and had that occured. :sweat:

@Ish nothing significant when i’m not as symptomatic, but when I had my first episode I used to repeatedly punch myself in the face to get the voices to stop, never worked though. I did this for weeks until at work one day my boss asked me why I always had light black eyes. Damn I was embarassed.

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hi @wave i am glad for you hypomanias can be refreshng but sometimes this edgyness can be downright frustrating and irratating far from fun.

@Minnii lol i try to uninstall it then 2 mintues later it ends up on my phone i do the same right now with dating apps. i keep installing uninstalling. lol. my phone must be tired. anyway i’ll let this go now. lol

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Yeah Hypomania and Mania can be a not so fun experience also - Anxiety and Edginess can be a part of the picture, especially when some depression is added to the mix - Mixed Episodes.

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Do you evrt get that feeljng beflre a mania. Tingling urges. I finish finals,and, it is raning. Have urgre to run. Away.Idk

Alright, drop the phone entirely! :slight_smile: I really don’t know how to help you honey, wish I did.

@pharoutphrog well I was extremelly delusional thinking I was god and all, and talking to myself waiting for the bus, this woman approaches me with a flyer from some church and says “Jesus saved me, he can save you too” and I turned around and yelled “I NEVER SAVED YOU WOMAN. YOU SAVED YOURSELF” and ran off. Yeah, I was that crazy. Not anymore though, can laugh about it now :smile:


i find it hard to believe i have anything of the sort because when i met the first psychiatrist she told me there is no way in hell i have mania. i kept pushing the diagnosis but she kept telling me it was me in denial wanting something else.

That is harsh of her ti say. Professionals mess up too. Maybe panic attakc. Before maniac like now maybe minimanoac there is an anxiety and an urge to do. Do whay? No idea. Just anything. I gotsg go. Rs k n

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o.O whaaaat? [quote=“Sharp, post:15, topic:44706”]
I gotsg go. Rs k n


I’ve had some pretty severe delusions that I haven’t told anyone about, ever Way too embarrassing for me. That situition you were in though, could have easily been played off as a joke because you didn’t care about what she had to say. :smile: Not sure if that’s your style, but for me i’m usually pretty ashamed about my sz, mostly because a few people have made me feel like I should be, but I always look for a quick way out if something strange happens…

It has a lot to do with stigma… for a long time, and even now sometimes, I feel this intense shame for things I said and did. But we don’t have to be embarassed, it’s an illness and we deviate from the norm, so what? It’s not like we’re harming anyone.

The things I’m most ashamed of are essentially the ones that brand me crazy, but the funny thing is, before the onset I was always eccentric and odd and I didn’t mind the crazy label, that came after the diagnosis and the aknowledgment of actually being crazy, which in all truth now I’m not.

Yeah, it could pass as a joke but it didn’t, I was way out of my mind back then.

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I agree with everything you said 100%. I too was eccentric, people called me weird but I a good way and I really didn’t mind, and I don’t mind being called weird still, but being called crazy or psycho or freak get to me a lot. My ex had called me a freak and broke up with me on the spot when I told her I had sz after a month of dating and knowing each other for 8 months. Like what? I’m the same damn person I was 2 seconds before I told you that!

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Some people are just mean… I’m sorry that happened to you.

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