When I was taking 10 mg Olanzapine

When I was taking 10 mg Olanzapine… my legs wouldn’t go numb while I’m seated on bed and using my laptop

and I was using laptop all day, also I was having Scifi delusions that were causing havoc, like unable sleep, heavy - heart beating, walking without control stiff legs, swelling palms etc etc

When I went back 20 mg Olanzapine I am normal and everything is fine

but, I now have Anhedonia

now my legs are getting numb after 20 mg olanzapine daily dosage


I also have anhedonia, I am unable to use laptop but I now have presence of mind

with 10 mg Olanzapine I had no presence of mind but it was very good for me, except I couldn’t sleep etc etc etc

I must take 20 mg Olanzapine

When I was on 20 mg Olanzapine and 4 mg Resperidone

I was happy except finding myself with side effects that were ultimately

causing havoc

with 20 mg Olanzapine,

I am happy

I just have to compromise




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if olanzapine doesn’t suit u, just try Seroquel…

That’s good. Well done on finding a med that works for you.

Every person with SZ is different, for me it was Abilify injections. I’m going to stick with this 4-week injection regimen until some miracle breakthrough happens in pharmacology and there could be a reason to switch.

What’s the difference between abilify injections and taking abilify pills @mistercollie?

I’ve noticed that there is less filtration between the brain & body, meaning a lot of these pills are super-fast acting and have left me with a stinging sensation in the brain often b/c of how quick it injects.

With non-pill injects, the release is slower, and you only have to deal with an inject once every four weeks or so - making recovery from sides easier to deal with.

In short, I’ve just all around noticed that the sides are less difficult to deal with, and the brain & body doesn’t have to work as hard to filter in the medication.

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