Stop nightmares, start dreams

Stop nightmares, start dreams.

I have no control over either of them. I’ve been having nightmares lately.

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Same here. But after using noopept The Nootropic 100 grams in 20 days

and with the help of 20 mg Olanzapine every night

I now have a little control over failure. Now I’m happy.

I must say using 20 mg Olanzapine immediately dissolving tabelts

is not a good option…

I tried to go to 10 mg Olanzapine and I had problems so

I am taking 10 mg – two tablets

and I understand the reason behind this two types — now I don’t have Anhedonia

Previously I had Anhedonia

Lack of Anhedonia is definitely not a imaginary thing…

It’s real.

Now, I don’t have Anhedonia.

I don’t know why…???

You mean you find pleasure in life now? Or you have motivation now? I always get the word mixed up with angogsia.

When I had Anhedonia I couldn’t use laptop for more than 5 minutes. Now, I am using it - entire day.

That’s good. Do you ever go on YouTube? I like watching clips of great boxers and their fights. I like watching Tyson, Ali, Foreman, Frazier and more.

Well lack of interest is not what used to be…

When I was young, I could read entire book in a single sitting,

I could watch Star Movies or Star World entire day or

should I say 24/7 - all days

with 4 hour sleep… 20 hours television…

I could enjoy games,

I could enjoy internet

and when I had Anhedonia I was lost,

Anhedonia is like… I DON’T EVEN EXIST.

Now I am able to use internet all day and I find myself unable to use Laptop without internet

and I am unable to watch youtube videos till end, I am able to play games but sooner or later I quit

So I must say these two types of Olanzapine act differently?

Rapid release one seems to cause Anhedonia

and ordinary Olanzapine doesn’t seem to cause Anhedonia


is gone

Well, I hope it gets better for you. Good luck.

Taking 4 mg Resperidone along with 20 mg Olanzapine was good

but I don’t want Resperidone Male Breasts and

Type two Diabetes that accompanies with high doses of anti psychotics.

Also it decreases sexual activity.

Yeah, I’ve been having nightmares too. Animals viciously attacking me is a recurring theme. I might have to kick the Vegetarian diet maybe…