When driving by a funeral procession

say you’re driving and a funeral procession is oncoming, what do you do? do you stop and wait for the funeral procession to pass by before continuining on to your destination? i ask because a funeral procession just went by on the highway and one guy stopped who was traveling in the opposite direction. this has only happened to me a few times, i can’t remember what i did, i think i just kept driving. should i pull over like an emergency vehicle was going by?

I think you are alright to travel if you are going in the opposite direction. I would google it for the laws in your state.

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I would pull over.

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Even if they do not need to pull over for traffic safety reasons, I think people will sometimes pull over as a sign of respect when a funeral procession passes by.

You are required to pull over to allow emergency vehicles with flashing lights to pass. I believe this is true even if you are driving in the opposite direction if the road does not have a median strip separating the road. This is because emergency vehicles may need to cross over into the opposing traffic lane to get through stopped traffic, especially at intersections.


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