When do you think they will find a cure for covid 19

when do you think…will it be within 3 months or is that wishful thinking

A vaccine within 18 months.


Yes, 18 months away.

@Aziz and @everhopeful what are you basing this on, is this what the media are saying

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Well they said 18 months 4 months ago, so hopefully it is closer to 14 months now.


This is what all the experts are saying.

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i heard scientists saying they are near to getting it, they just have to test it on humans

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That’s the big delay. They have to test it.

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18 more months of this lockdown…that would be crap…how can i help people if im socially distancing/isolating

Covid is never going away.
It’s here for good.

A vaccine won’t do much

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By not getting the virus and not passing it on !


@everhopeful…do you think they will re open mental health clubs/clubhousese before they find a vaccine

I don’t know. But personally I’m isolating until I get a vaccine. It’s too risky. For me anyway.


Yeah me and my Father are both isolating as well until an effective vaccine comes out.
We are both high risk individuals.

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Many people who have no symptoms can still be carriers

Wow… 18 months is a long time. I hope I still have a job by then. :pensive:

I really don’t know. Even experts can be wrong.

I just hope that the shops open again within two months, within reason ofcourse. I got stuff to do

I think most stores and businesses will be open over the next couple of months…but social/ physical distancing will become the new normal.

Doubtful. They may find treatments, but they’ve not found cures for existing coronaviruses.