When do you stop looking for answers to explain things?

I’m 60 . The damage due to lack of recognition of issues/problems, and therefore lack of help and support, has been done. It’s not as though I can rewind the clock, and hey presto competent mental health professionals .
Yet despite that there is a strong intellectual urge for answers and validation.

Answers to what?

To what best defines me. To why I am as I am. I have long held there is more than mental illness going on.


I am not scientist or doctor. I can’t tell for sure. I still hope for breakthrough in mental illness one day.

Please don’t lose hope, Firemonkey. Perseverance counts.


The psych professionals have never been intelligent enough to see beyond the mental health stuff .

Let me put it this way: If you have mobility issues, the last thing you need is to carry a very large, very heavy piece of baggage with you everywhere you go. All you’re doing is wearing yourself down that much faster. You can’t change the past, but you can stop it from weighing down your future.

Time to unpack that baggage, d00d.


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@ozymandias That requires help and support that has never come because the psych professionals weren’t intelligent enough to look beyond the psych stuff.

I gave up looking for answers and accept who I am with all the quirks that go along with it, at my age I don’t really care anymore

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Then you’ve got a chicken and the egg problem, my friend.

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Given the gross incompetency of the treatment I’ve received I’m doing as well as can be expected. Perhaps that’s better than nothing.

I’ve come to accept my illness as a matter of bad luck and also stopped feeling guilty or looking for reasons. It simply happened. Now I am looking for a cure and I am not gonna stop any time soon :slight_smile:


Haha cure it comes…sooner the better…

When you realize the answers you’re looking for don’t exist or are impossible to find with our current knowledge and technology

I have never had a therapist who truly helped me delve into the deeper parts of my self…always wanted to talk about my “problems”…and it wasnt this way always with psychotherapy…in the eatlierydays there were many flaws with it but one of the posiitve things was therapists helped you understand the deeper unconscious or subconscious thoughts…now therapy is so focused on treat the problem, not the cause. It makes for repression