What's your real age, what age your "body" looks like, what age do you feel you have?

Just that.
Real age, age your body looks like, what age do you feel you have nowadays.

I’m 22, I look like a slightly overweight 22 year old, I feel like an old woman. I feel ancient.

Real age: 32
Looks like: 23 (according to a co-worker)
Feels like: 45 (I’m in pretty bad shape)

With how you feel I meant how you feel inside, your mental age we could say :slight_smile:

Same, but I’m 21

Real age: 30-40
Looks like: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I’ve not been ID’d for a while…
Feels like: 5 or 50 depending what day it is

I don’t know :thinking:
I look and talk like a 30 year old I guess. Maybe my dressing style could use a help :thinking:
I need to fit into my leather pants by my 29th birthday.

Not sure about mental age.

I’m turning 50 this month. I look 60 and feel eighty

I’m 53 and now look my age but I feel like I’m 70 years old.
I’m so out of shape!

Im 37. I look 35. I feel 18 mentally because Ive lost my confidence and dont feel like I can handle things.

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I’m 27, I look 25-26 and I feel like an 18-year-old.


22, look 20, feel like 158.

Real Age: somewhere around 30

Looks like: don’t know people used to say I looked young but that went away as I grew older. Don’t talk to that many people now so I wouldn’t know. Saw someone else post and I still get IDed so I guess that is something.

Feel like: I feel like I’m 18 or so. Only exception is that the weight isn’t flying off of me like it used to. So I feel a little chubby from time to time.

real age: 18
looks: with facial hair, my age i guess. without facial hair, like a fourteen year old girl.
feel like: 12, but my plethora of back hair begs to differ

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I dont think you would look like a fourteen year old girl without facial hair.

I have the body of a god. A god-damn sack of potatoes.


Actual age 25, body 30, feels like 23

I’m 47…probably look a bit younger but with a full beard and grey hair it’s harder to hide!

I used to feel ancient but that was when I was undiagnosed on off the meds. On meds I’m far more mellow and I honestly just feel myself…probably like I’m late 30’s if anything! Soon to be 50 is a major milestone…meanwhile I’m just being!

Age : 41
Look like : younger according to coworkers but older for me because of my belly
Feel : like a child when some social worker talk to me but at least 70 yo because of my shape.

I’m 23. But I feel at least 33. Mentally I’m in my 40’s. Life feels accelerated for me, tbh.

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