Whats your opinion about rosetta stone language education package

Neuroplasticity is decreased by each our sickness and medication that we are used.for increase this matter in our brain we should consume nut ,almond fishoil and exercises reading and learn new language.i consume nut and fishoil and tour with my bike.i also enjoy reading computer programming books and internet.the only think that dont do learn new language.so i decide learn chineese with rosetta stone language package.do anyone has experience with this package.any success story with this package?

I heard it’s overrated and people generally aren’t satisfied with it

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I heard also pimsleur education package but its very expensive than rosetta stone.should i take pimsleur then?

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Never heard of it.

Personally I think it’s better to just sign up for a college course if that’s possible for you.

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Before spending a lot of money on Rosetta Stone, download the free app Duolingo.

I was using Duolingo for French, and I was learning rapidly, but I lost interest (not the app’s fault).


I dont have any time for study at college.i only have time at nights.thats why course should be a flexible time.maybe i should check pimsleur

Night classes are offered at most colleges but I totally understand if it’s too much. Still if you want to fluently learn a language you’ll need to put in a lot of time anyhow.

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So nobody vote for rosetta stone so far ?

Where I live we have used bookstores that often sale software that’s better than rosetta stone. It’s called something like “Learn ___ in one day/fast.” Something like that.

Anyways - it is designed for diplomats and people going overseas.

I would google that and see what comes up.

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Pimsleur for Japanese (audio lessons) is definitely a wonder of the world. But Japanese and Chinese writing systems have put me off.

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Actually i m not insisting about chineese.it can be any language.i m just interesting with neuroplasticity thing at my brain.i will check japanese.thank you.

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