What's your favourite cockney rhyming slang? (Feel free to make your own)

A couple of classic examples:

J Arthur Rank for Wank

Adam and Eve for Believe

Septic Tank for Yank

I only remember the apples and pears which means the stairs.

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That’s a classic too but as you know they’re always making new ones up.

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I had to look to find this classic British gem.


Cockney is now mockney these days.

Do you understand it? It is a new language in itself. :smiley:


raspberry tart (fart)

Supposedly that’s where the expression “blowing raspberries” comes from.

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Haha i understood every word lol :laughing:

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Hank marvin for starving!

He is with his Freinds and he is out with his mates at the JD Wetherspoons pub (very cheap for pints of alcohol) when they fancied a curry (which they usually do on offer there)

But his mate Calum is an absolute legend (great guy) and doesnt talk crap (banterbury) wants a cheeky (on the sly) nandos instead (a takeway place).

Top (Great idea) Lets smash it (Lets do it).

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