What's your favorite TV show

My favorite show right now is the Middle. I just started watching it i know it’s old though. . It is so funny! I can’t watch crime shows or ghost stories which has a lot to do with my mental health problems.

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My favorite show is The Walking Dead, on AMC. It’s not scary to me, as I don’t believe in zombies. What I like about it is the story of survival, against crazy odds.

Another favorite (much lighter) is The Golden Girls. I used to watch it as a kid, back in the 80s and 90s. So I’ve seen every episode. But I still find it funny and entertaining. I watch it every night before bed. It helps me to relax.

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I love Supernatural, it’s probably my favorite show. I don’t really watch TV, though, Supernatural is pretty much all I ever watch, and occasionally How I Met Your Mother. I get both of them on Netflix, I don’t have cable or anything.

My favorite TV shows at the top of my head are “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”, “Lost”, and “Person of Interest.”

I can barely watch T.V. it makes me so uptight. I can watch Channel 9 on line. I’m all about America’s test kitchen, This old house and I always Have time for Bob Ross and his painting.

BBC online I can watch Top Gear and Man Lab.

I LOVE Top Gear! It’s a very clever and intelligent take on a car show. The British version is hands-down better than the American version

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I used to like Paranormal State. Sometimes I’ll still watch it on youtube.

i’ve been watching i’m a celebrity get me out of here and it’s been really good, the people are nicer this year, they have steve davis and mo and joey haha i quite like the olympic swimmer even tho she has a big snozz lol the miss universe is a bit boring and mathew is annoying and alfonso is annoying as well lol, but i love the challenges and trials except when they are doing the tucker trials lol,

l like Dr who , and the little blue box , bigger on the inside that takes me to all these new experiences.
take care.

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The Big Bang Theory…

Kids are watching TV. I almost never watch it. My husband watches NHL hockey… and falls asleep! Haha

I do like movies though. We have a bout 400 DVDs and Netflix and a site where we can watch free movies in Sweden.

The big bang theory.
Caso cerrado
Pequiños Gigantes
La Seleccion

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries & Dr Who.

Comedy: The Big Bang Theory
Drama: Homeland

Walking dead! I really miss Spartacus though.

I love the Big Bang Theory =]

I don’t watch a whole lot of television, but I do enjoy “Regular Show.”

@aaron I like watching Homeland as well.
Comedy it’s Mike and Molly

Jay Leno. Ellen. Reruns of Seinfeld or Friends.

I love Persons of Interest…

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