What's your delusions and voices themes about?

Hope you guys don’t mind me asking. Just thought it’d be interesting to hear what others go thru. Maybe we share some common themes…

My “delusions” (real but not shared by others around me) are either about …

  1. two spirits in my head (Alien and Sarah)
  2. Alien trying to control me mentally or physically, or insert thoughts in my head
  3. my mother in law trying to poison me
  4. random but unusual things happening are “signs” that bad things will happen
  5. brain going to pour out like water
  6. people can most often read my mind if i make eye contact with them

My voices either about…

  1. threats to make me sick
  2. insults calling me liar/hypocrite/bad/murderer/failure/useless
  3. command to kill my husband or bird or other loved ones
  4. command to cut myself to prove I’m really
  5. Alien and Sarah arguing
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I don’t have delusions anymore, but here are the ones I’ve had:

  • I was supposed to save someone who would later be important to the world
  • My left arm wasn’t mine and someone else controlled it
  • The water form the tap came from the toilet
  • People were following me home from school by looking at my footprints in the snow
  • People could steal my thoughts

Voices themes:

  • I’m a failure because of this and that
  • Someone else wishes me harm
  • I should inflict harm on someone or myself
  • Calming voice telling me everything is going to be alright
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I don’t have delusions anymore. I went through a bunch, like thinking I had super speed and strength, thinking I was a prophet, and thinking I was psychic. My mean voice which is rare calls me names and commands me to do destructive things to my property or to stop doing whatever I’m doing, or throw out all my food. I don’t do anything the voices tell me to anymore, haven’t for several years now.

The nice voice, which is the one I hear 95% of the time, just says “I love you,” “we love you,” “goodnight,” “you’re doing a good job.” Stuff like that.

I went the second half of 2019 with just the nice voice. Then I started taking a medication that aggravated the mean one, and it came back for a few months. Now that med has been removed and I only hear the nice voice again. I haven’t given my voices names.

  • Paranoia about the government capturing me and locking me up because I’m schizophrenic
  • Really bad intrusive thoughts (voices telling me that I’m worthless)
  • Generally low self-esteem and self-stigma
  • People hating on me and no one liking me because I’m undesirable

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