What's your biggest strength?

Mine is realizing others intelligence. I think realizing how smart other people are makes me smarter. Some people poorly gauge others wit but not me.

They always ask “what’s your biggest strength” when you start a new therapy. I think I’m gonna say this from now on.


Strenght itself. I have a lot of it.


My momma told me I was strong and brave

That’s why I gotta take this attitude to the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ grave


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Education I guess.
I can also endure a lot of pain.

What else…well I’m using the women’s power pretty good.


A skeptical outlook. I pride myself on my skepticism. Because of that I am not easily disappointed.

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crunchy nut cornflakes right now :slight_smile:

they are making me happy haha (i think) so it gives me strength

i want a bowl right now but i am trying to contain myself lol

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Courage to face things that most people tuck tail and run away from.


making coffee :coffee:…i love :heart_eyes: coffee…and cake :cake:.
take care :alien:


Unfortunately not the six hour long erection the Olanzapine threatened :frowning:

Same as some have said, my ability to suffer and endure pain without conceding [three failed suicide attempts show that even when the mental pain becomes too much, the physical isn’t enough to out my light)

We should all be proud x

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My attitude :snowflake:️:rabbit::sunflower:

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