What's With the Big Butt Fetish in the Media These Days?

Kim Kardashian…Jennifer Lopez…why the ‘thang’ for big behinds these days??


I don’t know… Mans secret affinity for horses?


Seems to have been here for awhile. I could be wrong though.

I like legs. Ass is nice, boobs don’t matter, in fact huge boobs are sort of no for me, but really it’s all about the face and hair. Overall figure is a factor.

I myself have a big ass for a guy on purpose because the glutes are extremely powerful and the Greeks noticed that, their male statues were muscular with big glutes. I workout my glutes on purpose and have stretch marks on my ass and no where else. And I’m not fat.

Glutes and thighs are important for MY physique, I care more about how I look. But one thing I can’t tolerate is body hair. Hairy legs is just no. And hair other places is bad too, like “oh wait you know I just remembered something I have to go” bad.

I miss recklessly lifting hundreds of pounds. Now I just do Dumbbells and machines.

Derailed again.

I care way more about face and hair than anything else. That and skin tone. I like really pale people. It’s weird.

Men like wide hips because it means wider birth canal which means fertility (child rearing hips). Women like wider shoulders than waist. I workout for strength primarily, not quite for aesthetics alone. My core is very developed on purpose and so is my back and triceps, in addition to my glutes. All used in fighting. Notice how most MMA fighters look similar to me…I know what I’m doing in the gym.

I love men with hairy legs. It turns me on. Mine are hairy too, a few times they were hairless but I just feel gross, like a tranny or something. Men need hair on those legs otherwise they gross me out.

Yeah, I was wondering that too. I don’t see the appeal of Kim Kardashians big butt. On the other hand, I dig Jessica Alba in a bikini. Of course Kim Kardashian has better breasts then most other celebrities. So I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

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I would kick ANYONE out of bed for eating crackers! No crumbs in my bed!!


Lol. OK. But it would take much more than crumbs, an obnoxious personality, open wounds, scars, or missing limbs, a girl with leprosy, or a dead girl, for ME to kick a girl out of bed. Just speaking for myself, lol.

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That is a beautiful butt.

I honestly think that the love up big butts is just something that has always been there but was repressed in the “heroine chic” era of twig thin women. Think about the bustles of the Victorian era.

I’m pretty sure I would say this if I wasn’t bi but women’s butts are mesmerizing.

@77nick77 Tim Gunn said something interesting about Kim Kardashian. He said she is beautiful until she opens her mouth or moves.


Studying art before I developed schizophrenia there seemed to be a passion for large hips in art history.

Big asses /butts.

Evolutionary biologists (if you believe such scientists) suggest that women with these features are more likely to have more successful births.

As a trained artist I have no scientific opinions yet I’m drawn to them myself.

Such is life.

No I’m not about very big butts or breasts , but I do like the pear shape. And yes I like pale women as well.

I guess I like “hourglass”. the color is irrelevant. Everyone has their own preferences.

Aww Jeeze …

There Is Natural ,

and Naturally Seducing ,

and Pushing Thines Own Boundries To Pursue Faith In Thee Window To Tha Soul … ,

and There Is NICKI MINAJ ,

Whew She Bun be ShmexXie >:) …

that’s your problem right there…your watching the media…let me guess, at least one of these media stations you watch is FOX news? Stop watching that garbage dinosaur media and actually do some research. In fact stop watching tv all together, its all garbage…

One of our school buses is nicknamed “Beyonce”. Big booty – gotta watch for tail swing when you’re driving her.


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lol!! I don’t get it either… seems like an ethnic thing. People have died from illegal butt injections. I’m black and have a small one though :frowning: lol

someone mentioned "pale"

Useful distractions.

Any color, women are women. Unless you are gay. And that is your preference and not anyone’s business.